10 Best Shaders for Low End PCs/High FPS

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Minecraft is best at art direction, but it can look a bit boring after a while. For those who are always getting tired of the same old visual style, then your answer might be Minecraft shaders, which are able to be installed as long as you are playing on PC.

Shader packs are the ones who have the ability to modify the lighting and rendering techniques the game uses, giving the game a complete visual overhaul and making it look like a next-generation version of Minecraft. If you are interested in shaders but you have low end PCs, do not worry as there are some shaders for low end PCs/high FPS. Here is the list of top ten best shaders for low end PCs/high FPS:

  1. Werrus HFPS Basic
  2. DocteurDread’s Lite
  3. Sildurs Basics
  4. MrMeep’ Lite
  5. SFLP Lite
  6. Chocapic13 Better Default
  7. Sildurs Vibrant Lite
  8. Chocapic13 High Default
  9. SEUS Standard
  10. KUDA

Sidur’s Shaders is one of the most favorite. This one offers an amazing visual overhaul of the game without as heavy a performance hit as a few of the other shaders on the list. Actually, it still needs a somewhat powerful rig to run, but it is designed to be lightweight and run across a wide variety of hardware configurations. It does everything you would expect a shader to do, reworking the lighting and adding advanced post-processing effects, but you are able to customize the individual effects in order to save the performance if you do not have a top of the line PC.

Unlike the other Minecraft shaders that normally come with a pretty hefty performance hit, SFLP Shaders is designed with low-end PCs in mind. It aims to bring the shader experience to those without super powerful setups. This shader is actually a tweaked version of Chocapic13’s Shaders, scaling that style down to work on less strong hardware.

Chocapic13 has been around for quite a while and that is popular due to its scalability. It has some presets that accommodate a lot of different hardware configurations, but it still aims to deliver a quality experience even at its lowest preset. At the high-end level, however, this one really shines with pretty, vibrant colors during the day and dark, moody lighting at nighttime. Mid-range GPUs are able to still provide good performance out of this shader pack even using a high-end preset.

The thing known as KUDA wrenches the colors up to 11, offering a bold, vibrant presentation. This one is clearly one of the boldest shader packs on the list, and each little detail in the environments stands out due to the saturated colors and stark contrast on display. It still maintains the style of vanilla Minecraft, but it makes everything look way much prettier. Apart from that, the performance hit is not that huge despite the pretty visuals. This shader is a great middle of the road shader pack that does not dramatically change things up but still tweaks enough to make a noticeable upgrade.

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