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Hi guys, I am Nurani Dani webmaster of www.riotvalorantguide.com, in my blog you can learn how to play Valorant Riot game for beginners. What I like about Valorant is it has simple gameplay, free to play, can be played on almost all low end – mid end PCs, and makes players addicted.

One of the former eSports player who is now the most popular gaming streamer in the world, ‘Shroud’ recently expressed his opinion about the Valorant game. Shroud believes that the game can defeat CS:GO in many ways. One of them is from the popularity factor. So, do I bro..

About us:
Name – Nurani Dani
Valorant name: danialfin
City – Jakarta
State – Indonesia
contact: admin@riotvalorantguide.com
Youtube channel – DanSMD