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Allied Esports Odyssey is a tournament that hosted by Allied Esports which is a part of the Ignition Series. Apparently, Allied Esports Odyssey was going to feature six of the top teams in Europe, with G2 Esports that arguably the best team in the world and Team Liquid, ScreaM’s new squad, taking center stage.

Underdogs Ninjas in Pyjamas and Giants Gaming were going to compete for the title, with ZypppanGoKill and BBL Esports looking to find an upset. The tournament was going to take place over 5 days and include a €15,000 (roughly $18,000) prize pool. Here is everything you need to know about the event, including the format, teams, schedule, and streaming options.


  • Killjoy is disabled for the full duration of the tournament.


  • All matches best of two.


  • Double elimination.
  • Quarterfinals and semifinals best of one.
  • Grand finals best of three.


  • G2 Esports
  • mixwell
  • paTiTek
  • pyth
  • ardiis
  • Davidp


  • rhyme
  • luckeRRR
  • Fearoth
  • HyP
  • CREA


  • ec1s
  • soulcas
  • Kryptix
  • L1NK
  • ScreaM
  • Coach: Sliggy


  • Fit1nho
  • Yurii
  • donQ
  • exerZ
  • jonba
  • Coach: HITBOX


  • ShadoW
  • ANGE1
  • Zyppan
  • Shao
  • Meddo
  • Coach: d00mbr0s


  • russ
  • AsLanM4shadoW
  • cNed
  • kerimhan
  • legoo


The group stage of Allied Esports Odyssey was going to take place over a four day period from August 11 to 15 at 10:30am CT each day. The tournament would conclude on August 16 with the semifinals and grand finals.


Just like previous Ignition Series events, the Allied Esports Odyssey was going to be streamed on the official Valorant Twitch channel between August 11 to August 16. Round one’s matches kick off at 9:00 AM PST, 12:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM BST, 6:00 PM CEST. Aside from that, Allied Esports Odyssey have their own dedicated stream. While some of the big names competing at the event would likely stream their POV, there would be a slight delay between their stream and the official broadcast. The best place to watch the Allied Esports Odyssey event is on Allied Esports’ official Twitch channel. There, you would find live commentary from James Banks and Mitch “MitchMan” McBride.

For Allied Esports this event is a chance to really create a name in the Valorant scene as a top tournament organizer. Most of the other Ignition Series events have either been hosted by teams or tournament organizers which have experience putting on massive FPS tournaments. Allied Esports has a strong history, however in recent years it has not hosted too many massive events, the hope is that the company will be able to become a major player in the Valorant scene if the Odyssey event continues to be impressive.

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