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In Aternos, you will have your very own personal Minecraft server where you are able to play on with your friends any time. If we talk about Aternos, you may wonder about the custom mods in this server. Let’s find out about it.

Aternos is a hosting site for Minecraft servers. It is free to use and it will always be free for everyone anytime. Also, there is no possibility of paying for anything. You are able to use it easily because you just have to press a button. In Aternos, you are offered servers that you are actually able to play and have fun on. You will have a lot of fun and no unnecessary restrictions to steal your time and money. Until now, there are more than 20 million users and 600k players every day.

What are the features in Aternos? You can check them below.

  • It is fully customizable. You can adjust everything on your server the way you like it and you can make in your game.
  • Mods and Plugins. You can add plugins, play with your favorite mods or you can also use one of many preconfigured modpacks for your very own experience.
  • It is DDOS protected.
  • Automatic Backups. Aternos team will always keep a backup of your server just if you need it.
  • Custom Worlds. You can upload any world that you want to play such as adventure maps, parkour or even the latest minigame.
  • Excellent Support. If you need help, Aternos team will help you.

Now, how about custom mods for Aternos server? From the information  that we get, it seems that to add mods, you have to install CurseForge. In the Aternos Twitter account, they announced on August 17th, 2018 that now you are able to install multiple mods on your server. You can install Forge, choose some mods and enjoy your custom modded server. In addition, in the Aternos Forum, Matthias the developer states that now they have released an entirely new modding experience on Aternos. Furthermore, he also states that it is very important for us to keep the system and you secure which is the reason why they cannot permit you to upload your own mods. Now, it is possible to install mods from CurseForge directly on your server just like plugins and customize these mods by modifying the config.

There are some notes about this update and here they are.

  • The old plugin URLs (/plugins/p/<name>) do not work anymore.
  • In case you have installed a mod in the old system, you are able to keep this single mod installed for some time. However, Aternos team will probably remove these versions in the future.
  • You are not able to customise modpacks. It is mainly because of how the system of Aternos works and a bit also because the Aternos team wants to ensure that these modpacks are stable and working. You might be allowed this in the future.
  • You are able to request mods on Aternos forums just like plugins, but Aternos team cannot add mods that are not on CurseForge.
  • Modding is complicated and it can fail in a lot of ways. The Aternos team cannot really help you with that.
  • Remember that you (and every other player) also have to install all mods on your computer.

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