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If you have played Minecraft for a longer time, we guess that you already use many servers. You surely understand a lot for each server that you have used to play Minecraft. Then, what is the best server to play Minecraft that can really add any mods within?

Of course, not all Minecraft servers can add any mods within. Some of them just provide the hosting to be able to launch Minecraft through the server. But, most Minecraft players will be helped if the server they’re choosing that can really add any mods within.

Well, since you are playing Minecraft, you may ever use an Aternos server. Known, Aternos is one of the Minecraft servers which allow the players to add any mods within. Moreover, Aternos is well-known as a great free alternative local hosting server for Minecraft.

Aternos definitely is very easy to use without any bugs. On the other words, Aternos is a clean server which allows you to add the mods and give you any plugins within. Then, which makes Aternos so reliable to use is allowing you to access any unlimited plugins and worlds.

Then, if you are also excited to use the Aternos server, you totally can access it at For now, you will be required to register by entering your email and password. But, if you are ready to have the Aternos account, you just click to log in.

How to Add Mods on Aternos Servers

Adding mods on Aternos server is also known as installing the mods. Well, to add or install mods on Aternos server, you totally can follow our ways below!

Step 1: Installing the Forge on Your Server

Forge is the server software which is so important to load any mods on your server.

Get Forge on Aternos by access this site: Instead, you can also install the mods and plugins together on the same server at

Step 2: Install Mods on Your Server

You can install all mods on Aternos by accessing this link:

For example mod: for DecoCraft mod.

Step 3: Install Dependencies

Generally, some mods need other mods to work. This term is called dependencies. To install it, you can access this site:

Step 4: Install Forge on Your Computer

To install it on your computer, you need to download the installer here:

Step 5: Install Mods on Your Computer

After installing Forge on your computer, you need to download the mods that you have installed on your server. Then, put them into your mods folder inside the .minecraft folder.

To download the mods, you can access this link for example:



Step 6: Start Forge on Your Computer

You can start to launch MInecraft. Then, choose the Forge profile which will automatically be created by the Forge.

Step 7: Start Forge on Your Server

You can start your server at

Step 8: Connect to Your Server

The last step, you can start to connect to your server.

Well, if you want a mod to be added to the mod list at Aternos server, of course, you can request it on the forums at

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