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Generally, uploading a file on a server in Minecraft, you certainly need FTP access. But, it is totally different from Aternos server. If you want to upload files to Aternos using FTP access, we absolutely can say that it’s so impossible to do.

On Aternos, you are not allowed to upload files using FTP access because of one issue within. Moreover, Aternos does not give you access to upload custom mods or plugins using FTP. The main reason for Aternos is mainly for security reasons.

The security reasons here are related to mods or plugins that run on your server. Of course, they may contain suspicious software code that is executed in our environment. It also may be a bot or type of virus. So,that’s why Aternos will not allow you to upload files through FTP access.

As we know that Aternos is a popular-great free alternative local hosting server for Minecraft. This server is very easy to use which will allow the mods and give you any plugins within. Which makes the Aternos server so worthy to use is giving you an access to get any unlimited plugins and worlds.

Because you cannot upload any files to Aternos, instead, you just can upload a world to Aternos. Uploading a new world to Aternos will be needed for you. Then, if you want to upload 2 worlds, you can just upload the first one, then clone it. After that, upload the second one (The second will be your main world afterwards).

How to Upload a World to Aternos

As we have explained above that you totally cannot upload any files to Aternos because of some issues. Instead, you can upload a world on Aternos. Well, if you want to upload a world to Aternos, you can follow some ways below!

  • First, you need to go to Aternos site at
  • Second, you need to choose a world. Then, click on Upload.
  • Third, you can choose a zip archive folder. It automatically will upload to the server. If it is possible for you while your server is offline.
  • Now, you can upload the world to your server. Then, you can click on Worlds on the left side. Click on the Upload button.
  • In this step, there will be some options, then, you need to choose the zipped world as you’ve created. Click on the Open button.
  • If the process of uploading the world has been done, you can start it on your server by clicking on the Server menu on the left side. Then, click on the Start button.
  • That’s it! You already upload a world to Aternos.

Need to know: World uploads are limited to 1 GB for any technical issues. It means that if your world is bigger, you certainly have to try decreasing your world’s size by removing unused chunks using a program like MCASelector.

If you want to get the tutorial in detail, you also watch a video from official channel entitled How to: Upload a world to your server that you can access at

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