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Recently, there are some people who reported that their server is out of date and they do not know how to update it. If you get a problem like this, you may can change the version on the software page. Now, you are able to read this entire article to know how to fix server starting problems.


Usually, starting your server on Aternos is as easy as clicking the start button and letting the Aternos system do the hard work of loading all the files and starting the server with the correct configuration. However, sometimes that is not enough and the server refuses to start and just switches its status from starting to stopping after the Aternos system discovers the failed start.

When this occurs for you, it’s most of the time a fixable issue caused by the installed software and not an issue in the Aternos system. The best source to find this issue is the log file of your server, that you are able to access here: Apparently, reading a log is not easy, but learning it helps to identify issues with your server easier and faster. Remember that log lines begin with the time and the log level. To identify issues with your server you are going to most likely look for errors that you are able to find in lines with the error log level.

Sometimes the surrounding lines of an error give further information related to the error, so reading them may help you. If you do not understand the error message, you are able to try to search it to see if other servers had similar issues. Once there are any suggestions available, you are going to see them at the top of the page. You get automatic suggestions for errors in your log and buttons on how to fix those errors. Please follow these suggestions to fix the issue.

In other cases, if you still have issues starting your server, so you are able to contact the team of Aternos to ask for help. Simply, you are able to open a ticket there. Please ensure to include as many details as possible and also include the link to your log on For your information, is a site that was developed by Aternos for simple log sharing, reading and analyzing. Now, you are able to go to your log in the Aternos panel ( and click on the button “Share” in the top right. After that, you will get a field with the link to your log on

Apparently, there are lots of people who get this problem when their server is out of date. As we explained above, you need to change the version on the software page. Firstly, you need to know your version. Then, you are able to fix it by changing the version on the software page. If you have any questions about this, you are able to comment in the section below.

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