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When you are using Aternos server to play Minecraft, you may find your server in pending status. Of course, this issue makes you annoyed, then, you cannot play Minecraft using this server for an uncertain time. For this case, you do not worry because all of Aternos servers get this issue.

Why does Aternos Server Show Pending Status?

The pending status on Aternos server means that the host machine on your server is currently unreachable. This does not necessarily mean that the host is offline. But, most of the time, it means that the Aternos server is offline as well.

When the server gets back online, of course the Aternos’s system will recover your Minecraft server to work again either by saving the files in our storage system or detecting it as online again.

What Should You Do When Aternos Shows Pending Status?

If you get the issue of Aternos pending status, it is highly recommended for you to wait for your server to be recovered. But, if you do not want to recover your last session, of course you can cancel the pending server status by clicking on the Cancel button that appears after 10 minutes in the pending server status.

To cancel it, you can click the Cancel button to reset your server status to offline. Then, you can start your server again with the files from before your last server gets started. Well, only doing this, you are totally sure that you do not want to recover your last changes on the server. It means that it’s impossible to recover them if you cancel the pending server status.

Why Can’t You Recover Your Last Server?

Certainly, it is so impossible for you to recover your files from the host machine. In this case, we recommend you to cancel the server status for all server running manually. BUt, hardware failures are possible and unavoidable to recover.

In this case, it is always recommended for you to keep backups to avoid data loss. Then, you can create backups while the server is running.

Where to Know Aternos Server Status?

If you are using Aternos to play Minecraft, of course it is better for you to know daily Aternos Status Server. By knowing it, you definitely can recognize when the Aternos server is getting down. Certainly, you can know the server status of Aternos on the official Twitter of Aternos @AternosStatus.

Why is the Aternos Server Out of Date?

Aternos server out of date can be caused by any factors. One of them is the server version not suitable with the Minecraft client version. So, you will get the message that says “Failed to connect to the server Outdated Server!”.

When you get the message, you will be looking for the issues why the server is out of date.

Unfortunately, many users are not aware of the causes. It is because the issues are a little bit difficult to find. However, the issues happen in which you are using the Old Version whether Minecraft client or the server version. Of course, both of them do not match at all.

Certainly, to fix the problem, the first thing that you have to do is to check your server again. It may not be in 1.14.4. Need to know the updating server of Minecraft is 1.14.4. So, you have to ensure that you use its version.

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