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In Minecraft, mining is such an important thing to measure a player’s progress. Indeed, it can be dangerous and spend much time if you have not done it yet. On the other hand, the players will get any hard ways to mine in Minecraft.

What makes mining so important in Minecraft? Of course, to be a pro Minecraft player, you will be looking for the valuable ores which can open a whole new world of tools, weapons and any resources within the Minecraft world.

Because mining in Minecraft is a bit hard to do and not all players can do it correctly, of course there are many players who look for the Auto Miner or Automatic Mining Machine to mine any resources as fast as possible. Certainly, by using an auto mining machine, the players will be easier to mine.

We guess that you are curious to know the auto miner or automatic mining machine which will work to mine faster. Well, we have some sources that show about auto miners. At least there are many automatic mining that you can do, they are:

Way 1: Using Auto Miner / Automatic Mining Machine

If you want to mine as fast as possible, you definitely can use these machines. Indeed, they hopefully will dig holes in the ground or move the liquid automatically. So, these automatic mining machines are:

  • Pump

By using this machine, you can pump out the liquid and place it in adjoining buildcraft compatible pipes. Pump actually will take more than just directly around them. So, when you want to mine oil surrounded by water, it is possible to do.

  • Mining Well

This machine will dig a hole straight down until you reach bedrock or lava. When you want to mine bedrock or lava, of course using this machine can be your best choice.

  • Quarry

This will excavate a 20×20 block area by default. The Quarry will continue to mine until you reach bedrock or lava.

  • Landmarks

This automatic mining machine can be used to define areas up to 64x64x64 blocks for machines to operate in.

Way 2: Using Correct Mining Methods

Of course, to mine any resources in Minecraft, you are recommended to use the correct mining method. By doing the mining method correctly, you definitely can mine any Minecraft resources as fast as possible. At least there are two amazing methods in mining, they are:

  • Strip Mining

Strip mining is well-known as a straightforward method. In this method, you need to mine down to a particular depth and simply mine everything in the area. Then, you can also either mine a series of tunnels, mine a big cavern that extends far off into the distance, or simply seek to destroy everything.

  • Spelunking

If you want to find any resources easily, you definitely can use this method. This one is arguably the more efficient method to mine, and it is more enjoyable too. By using this method, you have to find a cave, load up on supplies, and be pseudo lost for hours in the labyrinthian series of passageways and crevices.

Way 3: Using AFK Tunnel Bore

If you are AFK lovers, you absolutely know this AFK. Well, many Minecraft players use this AFK as Auto Miner to mine any Minecraft resources fast.

If you want to know more about AFK Tunnel Bore, you definitely can watch a tutorial video from SpoonDA entitled AFK Tunnel Bore / Auto Miner For Minecraft Bedrock Edition at

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