Best Kovaaks Scenarios for Valorant

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Kovaak’s refers to one of the many aim trainers that are available. Some aim trainers might be free and are able to be played straight from your browser, such as AimBooster, but the issue with some of them and in particular AimBooster, is that it is played in a 2D space.

Aiming is the name of a complicated subject with a lot of kinds and sub-types of aiming. Everyone has a different way of aiming but for the purposes of simplicity, there are two main types: tracking and flicking. Basically, the routines that follow will be evenly split between tracking scenarios and flicking scenarios.

In the next stage, you will find the routines and they are split by ability.

  • Beginner: You are new to playing shooters on PC or have been playing for less than six months.
  • Novice: You know how to play shooters and have played them for about one year.
  • Intermediate: You are an above average player that has been playing the games for more than two years.
  • Advanced: You are an expert that has played shooters for more than five years.

If you are not familiar, it is better for you to follow the beginner routine. Here are the scenarios:

  • Close long strafes invincible (10 minutes): It is a classic tracking routine.
  • 1wall6targets TE (10 minutes): It is a simple flicking scenario to set you up for more hard ones.
  • FuglaaXYLongStrafes (10 minutes): It is a wonderful tracking scenario that includes some verticality.
  • Tile Frenzy –Strafing – 01 (10 minutes0: It is more useful than the standard tile frenzy because the targets are moving.

Aside from that, there are alternate scenarios that are good for yourability:

  • Vertical long strafes
  • 1wall 1target
  • Cata IC long strafes
  • Time frenzy 180
  • Ascended tracking v3.

The scenarios of the Novice Kovaak’s routine one are more hard and your progress will be slower. However, you are still able to see progress each few days or weeks.

  • Thin aiming long invincible (10 minutes): You can try to keep your mouse movements as smooth as possible.
  • 1wall 6targets small (10 minutes): Smaller targets in orderto train your precision.
  • Vertical long strafes (10 minutes): This one is a good scenario for isolating vertical tracking.
  • Tile frenzy 180 (10 minutes):This one is perfect for training your wide-angle flicks.

There are some alternate scenarios that are good for your ability. Those include Close Long Strafles Invisible, 1Wall 6Targets TE, FuglaaXYShortStrafes, Tile Frenzy 180 strafing, and Scented Tracking v3.

With the intermediate Kovaak’sroutine, your progress will be a lot slower and it will likely take some weeks before you see improvements in your scores. The plus point is that your mouse is a lot of betterad your movements are much more smooth.

  • FuglaaXYShortstrafes (10 minutes): This one is a tricky tracking scenario that trains your vertical movements.
  • 1Wall9000Targets (10 minutes): You are not allowed to pick your mouse up to reset it.
  • Close Fast Strafes Invincible (10 minutes): This one is more hard version of the beginner scenario.
  • Tile Frenzy 180 Strafing (10 minutes): It is better but more hard than the novice scenario.

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