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Speedrunning is once a player through optimized gameplay techniques or the exploitation of the glitches completes a game as fast as possible. This is like ‘Usain Bolt’ which decided to take his track skills. The speedrunners practice for hours and hours in service to shaving milliseconds off their time or finding newer, faster methods to beat the game.

So, how do speedrunners take a Minecraft game and beat it in less time? Someone had the pleasure of chatting with some of the Usain Bolts in the Minecraft world, the players who hold world records across some speedrunning categories. Now, you may want to do a speedrun in Minecraft. By the way, what is the best Minecraft seed that you can use for speedrun? Here we are going to share the information about that. So, let us check it out!

You have to know that Minecraft seeds are the codes that you are able to use to generate your worlds of Minecraft. The worlds full of interesting landscapes and key landmarks ripe for exploration. They flap everything from jaw dropping and landscapes to thrilling dungeons filled to bursting with loot. In this article, we share a complete collection of the best Minecraft seeds, from the inspiring to the functional and everything in between.

In the text below, you are going to see a list of best Minecraft seeds. Here are they:

  • Minecraft Title Screen
  • Slime Farm
  • Obsidian Farm
  • Icy Spire
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Frozen Islands
  • Triple Island Ocean Monument
  • Spruce Village and Coral Reef
  • Shipwrecks and Villages
  • Another Woodland Mansion Spawn
  • Mountain Cliff
  • Leg Break Island
  • Igloo and Winter Forest
  • Two Small Islands
  • Librarian Spawn
  • Horses and Desert Village
  • Underwater Temple
  • Mountain Archway
  • Blacksmith at Spawn
  • Mooshroom World
  • Lava and Waterfalls
  • Deep Ravine and Gold Ore
  • Savannah Biome with Blacksmith
  • Desert Temple
  • Mountain in the Sky
  • Many Biomes
  • Mushroom Islands
  • Diamond Seed
  • Fast Diamonds
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Simple Village at Spawn
  • Dossier


Seed: -7865816549737130316

Version: 1.1.4

You are going to find adorable Minecraft mobs like imposing glacial spires, polar bears, and the odd igloo make this the perfect winter wonderland spawning location. The icy landscape you spawn stretches out nice far, but there is a landmass nearby so you are able to harvest essential resources before heading back out onto the ice sheets. Probably the best bit is you are going to spawn directly onto a survival island surrounded by ice, so you are able to mine straight down to get important minerals and resources.


Seed: 8858351513851407858

Version: 1.8.8

Where monolithic natural structures are concerned, there is no real-world creation compared. This main feature of the seed is a mountain consisting of 2 arching peaks. A waterfall finishes off the Minecraft marvel with the water feature it deserves. The archway creates the perfect sheltered spot for a villainous, Bond-inspired hidden base.

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