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Mod is a user-made modification that you can apply to Minecraft. If you use mod in Minecraft, you are able to change the content of the game from the official version to the new worlds that you may like. There will be the additions of new items, blocks, mobs and crafting recipes.

Also, it can change the existing mobs and blocks, and even fix certain bugs. One of the sites that you are able to use for finding and downloading mods are 9minecraft. On that site, there are a number of mods that will change your Minecraft world. You just have to choose what world of Minecraft that you want to be and then find the mod there, and finally you will have the Minecraft world that you imagine.

If you are confused which mod that you have to download in the 9minecraft site to use in Minecraft, there are some mods which are considered as the best mods for Minecraft. Here are some best mods for Minecraft that you are able to get on the 9minecraft site.

  • Biome Bundle

This mod is a custom world generator and contains a huge pack of more than 400 original biomes with more than 2000 structures including rocks, villages, dungeons, custom trees, and many more.

  • Mutated Mobs Mod

This mod will add 27 mutants to the game, 2 hostile and 5 neutral and 2 passive. Each mob will get several attributes which are unique or ability of both previous creatures. With this mod, there will be combinations of normal mobs which are insane since they are stronger and have special abilities.

  • World Edit

If you like constructions and repairing in significant scale work, this mod is suitable for you because this tool has the tool for it.

  • OptiFine

This mod is able to help you to adjust Minecraft effectively. It will make Minecraft run more smoothly and use less resources. Besides, it also permits you to be able to run resource pack HD without having to install more other mods. Generally, it can double or triple your FPS.

  • Exotic Birds

A lot of birds will be added to your Minecraft world with this mod. Also, you will see unique birds with awesome models all. They have their own special abilities like carrying items, flying, attacking and becoming pets.

  • The Betweenlands

This mod is developed by Angry Pixel modding group. It focuses on a whole new fully fleshed out dimensions for Minecraft that adds a plethora of exciting new content.

  • Biomes O’Plenty Mod

With this mod, you will have a lot of new biomes, more than 90 biomes, and they generate in your Minecraft world and Nether. It is an expansive biome mod for Minecraft which can add a slew of new unique biomes. Also, it adds new plants, trees, flowers, building blocks, mobs, ores and many more.

  • Lucky Block Mod

If you use this mod, there will be one block, yet over one hundred possibilities to Minecraft. There, you have to mine the Lucky Block and you can hope that it will drop the items that you need. In the new version, you are able to expect more than just items. The mod can also spawn monsters, animals, other entities and even structures.

From these mods, which mod do you want to use in Minecraft?

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