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Recently, we get information that the Valorant release date is coming this summer. Fans of the Blitz App must be excited to hear that Valorant is going to be getting its own section very soon. Recently, Riot Games’ strategics shooter made its public debut earlier this month after being in closed beta. With the hype which surrounds it after only a few weeks of previous, Valorant deserves nothing less than its own area to shine.


Apparently, there is no official release date for the Valorant side of the Blitz app. The closest information we have is “Summer 2020” displayed prominently on the site. Because the game released this month, it is likely we will not see a full-fledged version from Blitz for at least the next few weeks. There is still a lot of information to collect from positioning to agent abilities. After all, Riot did end up packaging an entirely new agent with its launch. When we write this article, the Valorant hub for Blitz is in its alpha phase. For your information, there are some assets available for the players including full interactive blueprints of maps, Agent abilities, and guides for what plays to make and where. Aside from that, also has information available for League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics.

If you visit the site of Valorant, there you will be able to see some information regarding Valorant guides, Valorant agents, Valorant maps, Valorant weapons, and more. Well, in the text below, we are going to share some some weapons available in Valorant:


The SMG-9 Spectre is a primary weapon in Valorant. This is a submachine gun that occupies its wielder’s primary weapon slot.


The BP-9 Classic is a secondary weapon in Valorant. When the player starts with the weapon, it is able to be used as a starting weapon for rounds where the player does not have enough money to purchase other weapons. For your information, this BP-9 Classic has low damage.


The SW-ACR Phantom is an assault rifle. The Phantom is a fully automatic rifle that sits at 2,900 credits.


The AR-762 Vandal is an assault rifle. Also as a primary weapon in Valorant. The Vandal is a fully automatic rifle which sits at 2,900 Credits. It is the counterpart to the Phantom. Also, it is unique for its high DPS at any range. This AR-762 Vandal is able to kill the enemies with one shot to the head.


It is a Primary weapon that serves as the cheaper counterpart to the Operator. Aside from that, this has a fast movement speed and high damage per bullet, as well as a cost of 1,100 credits.


The SAR-6 Sheriff is a sidearm which is a secondary weapon in Valorant. Based on the research, it is the most expensive sidearm in the game. It cost 800 Credits. It has a small magazine and a high damage.

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