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Once you’ve downloaded shader packs that you need to add a Minecraft mod, of course you need to find the folder on your device to make it able to install. But, how if you cannot find the shaderpacks folder stored on your device?

Need to know that most shader packs come in .zip format. It means that you need to extract the file within to install it. Of course, making a shaderpacks folder on .minecraft on your app data especially on Windows just allows you to put %appdata% on the file directory. Then, you have to put all your shader packs in there.

Unfortunately, some Minecraft players cannot find the shaderpacks folder that they have downloaded on their devices. Then, how does it happen?

In fact, most Minecraft players believe that to be able to install shader packs, they do not need any apps. Then, they decide to download shader packs without having other apps. However, the app here works to support shader packs to be installed.

As a Minecraft player, you may already know that to install any mods or shader packs to Minecraft, you will need Minecraft Forge and Optifine. Indeed, the Optifine here works to optimize the shader packs to get a more beautiful visual.

Furthermore, the mods or shaderpacks folder can be used by Forge. So, to find the shaderpacks folder, make sure that you already have the Forge installed on your device. Moreover, the shaderpacks here are used by Optifine/GLSL Shaders.

Why can’t you find the shaderpacks folder?

Why you cannot find a shaderpacks folder, we guess that you have no Forge and Optifine installed. There are some reasons why you cannot find shaderpacks folder, they are:

  • Optifine is yet installed on device.
  • Forge is not installed yet on device.
  • You have not extracted the shader packs before.

Well, the three reasons above can be the main cause why you cannot find the shaderpacks folder on your device.

Where can you find the shaderpacks folder?

On Windows, you just need to go to “%appdata%/.minecraft”.

What should you do when you cannot find the shaderpacks folder?

As we have explained above, to get shaderpacks folder, ensure that you’ve installed Optifine and used the versions modified by Optifine. To get it, you can switch it on the version tab on your profile at the bottom left corner of the Minecraft Launcher. Here are the ways that you can do to find the shaderpacks folder:

  • If the shaderpacks folder is not showing up, ensure to enable Optifine before you launch it. Then, if you are using 1.15, there is no Optifine available.
  • If the downloaded shaders are not showing up in the list, you are surely required to be extracted.

So, we can conclude that to find the shaderpacks folder, it depends on what you mean by having Optifine and everything. Then, to get Optifine, you need to download it first. There are two things that you can do with Optifine, they are:

  1. Installing Optifine as a new installation.
  2. Installing Optifine as a mod.

So, make sure that you already have Optifine to find the shader packs on your device.

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