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Since you are playing Minecraft, you may have used the mod named Chocapic13. However, this mod is one of the most adorable and workable mods that you have to install on your game. Chocapic 13 shaders work to improve the graphics of Minecraft games.

The main goal of the Chocapic13 mod is to give any effects to the game as follow:

  • To add a real sunshine
  • To add dynamic shadows
  • To give any gorgeous effect of wind on the leaves
  • To present better water visual
  • To present amazing night visual
  • To show the real-time shadows, volumetric lightning and reflections and lens effects
  • To make surface wet and reflective when raining

You can find Chocapic13 Shaders at At this site, you are able to get links for downloading Chocapic13 shaders in any versions that you need. On Chocapic13 mod, there are some level versions that you can choose. They are: Chocapic13 V7 Lite

  • Chocapic13 V7 Low
  • Chocapic13 V7 High
  • Chocapic13 V7 Ultra
  • Chocapic13 V7 Extreme
  • Chocapic13 V6 Lite
  • Chocapic13 V6 Low
  • Chocapic13 V6 Medium
  • Chocapic13 V6 High
  • Chocapic13 V6 Ultra
  • Chocapic13 V6 Extreme

Of course, each version may have different performance when you add it to the game.

Links to Download Chocapic13 Medium

Here are the links to download Chocapic13 V6 in medium level:

  • Minecraft Version V6

Download from Server 1:

Download from Server 2:

Download from Server 3:

  • Minecraft Version V7.1.1

Download from Server 1:

Download from Server 2:

Make sure to choose one link to download Chocapic13 V6 medium.

How to Install Chocapic13 V6 Medium

After you know any benefits that you can get from Chocapic13 Medium level, you can get started to install it on your games. By following any steps below, you definitely will get the mod on your game.

  • Firstly, you need to download and install Optifine HD mod on your Minecraft client.
  • Then, you need to go to the location where the app files are sorted. For Windows, you can navigate to %appdata%/minecraft. For Linux Os Users, you need to navigate to /.minecraft. Also for iOS users, you have to navigate to Library/Application Support/Minecraft.
  • After that, you can search for the shader pack folder. If the folder cannot be found, you can create one in the same location.
  • In this step, you need to copy the extracted files from the Chocapic13 shaders on a zip file.
  • Then, you can choose the shaders from the options > Shaders.
  • Finally, you totally enjoy Chocapic13 Shaders to the full extent.

If you want to know more about Chocapic13 on all versions, you surely can watch any videos from YouTubes. However, many YouTubers take up the differences between all Chocapic versions.

  • A video from Mr. Breston entitled [Minecraft] Shader Chocapic13 V6 Lite.
  • A video from Jens338 entitled Minecraft 1.12.2 | Chocapic13’s Shaders V6 Extreme.
  • A video from CyberTech entitled Minecraft Extreme Graphics – Chocapic13 V6 Shaders Mod.
  • A video from FernFox entitled Minecraft Vanilla vs Chocapic13 V6 Extreme (Super Duper Graphics Pack) [4k/ 60 FPS].
  • A video from Petter entitled Minecraft Shaders – Chocapic 13 – V6 Low.

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