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As we know that there are a lot of servers that you are able to use for playing Minecraft. Those servers offer the features that they have for serving the players to play Minecraft. One of the servers that you are able to use for playing Minecraft is Cosmic Prisons. Have you tried to use this server?

Cosmic Prisons is a Minecraft Prisons server. MrWoofless and PrestonPlayz are the creators of this server. This server was opened in 2016 and it has the most dynamic and unique prisons experience available now. This server is a home to multiple planets each with individual cultures, communities, economies and many more.

As explained earlier that every server offers its own features. What about Cosmic Prisons? This server has a number of features as listed below.

  • There are tiered mines with respawning ores.
  • There are minable meteorites and meteors.
  • There are custom Enchants.
  • There is enabled PvP on the whole map excluding spawn.
  • There are guards that can protect you from attackers.
  • You will find cells with a custom defence or raiding system.
  • There are outposts.
  • and many more.

You are able to access Cosmic Prisons at If you need some news and updates about the server, you are able to access the site since everything is posted on the Cosmic Prisons site.

Do you want to know the IP address of Cosmic Prisons Minecraft? The IP address is In the website of Cosmic Prisons, you are able to copy it by clicking on it and you are able to play for free.

If you access the Cosmic Prisons site, at the bottom of the site, there are some menus including Forums, Store, Client and Wiki. Do you want to discuss something or find a thread related to the server? You are able to access the Forums menu. If you want to buy some items such as loot boxes, slot tickets, player kits, and many more, you are able to click on the Store menu. You are able to click on the Client menu if you want to download the Cosmic Client for your operating system. Then, if you want to know about Cosmic Prisons, you are able to access the Wiki menu.

When you access the Cosmic Prisons site, you will also see that there are three planets there. What are they? You are able to see in the list below.

  • Sahara Prison

This is the pioneer planet of the Cosmic Prisons Universe and the inmates are 203.

  • Sovereign Prison

This is a planet fit for a king and the inmates are 231.

  • Xeon Prison

This is a surface toxicity which will disintegrate your space suit and the inmates are 81.

If you are curious how they are, you are able to visit each of them. You are able to access the server and see many things there.

You can also access the Twitter account of Cosmic Prisons @cosmicprisons. According to the information that we got, this account was created in June, 2017. Now, this Twitter account has more than 4k followers.

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