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In Minecraft, you may be familiar with a mod named CrazyCraft. After 5 years, the Crazy Craft 4.0 is complete. Furthermore, the latest Crazy Craft mod is 4.0 that will bring you to get unforgettable experience and a great-new journey.

As a PC user, you may want to get any Minecraft mods that can support your Windows, right? In fact, the Minecraft players who use Windows are more than other platforms. Because of easier navigation, that can be a reason why many players choose Windows than others.

As we have known that Minecraft allows you to download and install the mods to make your journey more fun. In this case, you will be allowed to choose any latest mods that totally support your Minecraft gameplay.

If you use Windows to play Minecraft, of course looking for the great ways to download and install the mods emphasized for Windows is totally a must for you. If you download and install the Minecraft mods for Windows, certainly it will be different when you download and install on other devices. It means that finding the mods that support Windows is really recommended for you.

As we have explained above, one of recommended mods in Minecraft is Crazy Craft mod. In this case, Crazy Craft mod is a mod for Minecraft based around. At least, there are various new mobs, weapons, structures and many more within this mod. It also understands the true power of the game until you play it yourself.

Full Specification of Crazy Craft Mod

  • Publisher: Craft Mod Games
  • Publisher Website:
  • Releases Date: March 01, 2018
  • Date Added: March 01, 2018
  • Operating System: Windows 10

How to Download Crazy Craft for Windows 10

To download the Crazy Craft mod that supports Windows 10 is so easy to do. The main thing that you have to recognize is to look for the Crazy Craft softfile download that you can install on Windows.

The Crazy Craft mod generally can be downloaded at At this site, you can choose the download file for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Then, here are the ways that you can do to download Crazy Craft mod for Windows 10:

  • First, you need to go to site at
  • Once you access the link, you will be directed into a page that informs you about Crazy Craft mod for Windows 10.
  • Then, you need to focus on finding the Visit Site green button under the Crazycraft 2.0 for Windows 10 information. Click it.
  • After that, you will be directed into the download page. The page here definitely can direct you to the Windows Store.
  • In this step, you have to activate the Microsoft account to download it. Of course, the download  may also be available in some countries.
  • Then, click Download for windows. Wait it for a while until downloading is finished.
  • Finally, you already get the Crazy Craft mod for Windows.

Those are the ways that you can follow to download Crazy Craft mod for Windows 10. Make sure that you don’t miss any steps above.

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