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Valorant is already one of the largest games in the world. The game is looking to expand into the esports scene and Riot Games rolls out regular updates to keep players engaged. The newest addition is the new weapon skins.

Along with the newest Valorant patch release, the developer of the game, Riot Games, also teased fans on their official Twitter account with a brief clip of a dragon with fire smoldering around its mouth. This one turns out the fiery face belongs to the latest tactical first-person shooter, and most expensive cosmetic. They revealed the new Elderflame weapon skins with a video showcasing the various guns the cosmetic applies to and its range of animations, of which there are many.

The Valorant Elderflame skins, which are also more known as dragon skins, are unique and have a lot of detail. The weapons that turn into the cute but fierce dragon have bespoke firing animations, audio, reloads, and a fire-breathing finisher. However, it is really pricey when it comes to the price.

Apparently, the Valorant Elderflame cosmetics are the first Ultra Edition quality in the game. It means each weapon you want to look like a dragon will set you back 2,475 Valorant Points. It is about $25 per skin. And if you add a knife, it will cost you even more. From the video, it seems like there are four guns and a knife that are able to equip the Valorant Elderflame skin. There is the Vandal, the recently updated Guardian, the Operator, and the Frenzy. So, it is worth it spending $1000 for the set. As with the Premium Edition cosmetics released so far, Riot Games will probably offer a discount for purchasing the entire set. But it is still a big investment for pixels on the screen. It is the true cost of free-to-play games.

For your information, the Valorant Elderflame weapon skins will be released in the game on July 10. It means there is not much time for you to dig up the cash. Riot Games has not revealed if further customization will be available for the cosmetic bundle. Do not forget that you are able to upgrade a few cosmetics of Valoant with Radianite Points earned through the battle pass or purchased with Valorant Points.

The developer of Valorant named Riot Games unveiled some new weapon skins called Elderflame. Those are not the kind you see in games like PUBG, or Call of Duty. In fact, they turn your weapon into a dragon. If you are interested in it and cannot wait for it to be released so you can purchase it, please visit the official website of Riot Games, as well as the official Twitter account of Riot Games regularly. By checking them regularly, there is a chance for you to be the first purchaser of the set. To dig more about the dragon set or the Elderflame set, you are recommended to visit the community of Valorant.

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