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You may want to get Minecraft mods for free that you can install on Kindle Fire. Then, are there any Minecraft mods for Kindle Fire for free? If it’s available, of course it is such good news for every Kindle Fire user who is playing Minecraft.

As we know that  Kindle Fire is software and hardware developed by for storing and displaying electronic books and other digital media. The four pieces of hardware are known as “Kindle”, “Kindle 2”, and the third generation devices are known as “Kindle”, and “Kindle DX.” Although the users who use this console are rare, the performance of Kindle Fire to play games is very amazing.

Are there any free Minecraft mods for Kindle Fire?

Generally, Minecraft mods are free and easy to download. But, some of them are also paid. To prove whether a mod is free or paid, you absolutely can try to download it. Then, you try to install it on Kindle Fire. If the mod can be installed and it works, it means that you successfully find free Minecraft mods for Kindle Fire.

But, for paid Minecraft mods, when you try to download it, it usually will show the price of the mod before you can download it. It means that you should pay if you want to install the mod.

Minecraft Mods for Kindle Fire

Well, we also show you a list of Minecraft mods that you can try to install on Kindle Fire. Here are the free Minecraft mods for Kindle Fire:

  • Optifine
  • Fastcraft
  • Dungeon Pack
  • CraftGuide
  • Botania
  • Decocraft
  • Animal Bikes
  • Still Hungry
  • WAILA (What Am I Looking At)
  • Twilight Forest
  • Journeymap
  • Instant Lake
  • Magic Yarn
  • Minecraft Comes Alive
  • Booze

The source explained that those Minecraft mods above will work for any consoles. But, there is no explanation that every mod below can work on Kindle fire. You have to prove it by trying to install any mods whether the mod will support on Kindle Fire or not.

How to Install Minecraft Mods on Kindle Fire

Step 1:Download Block Launcher

The first thing that you need to do before downloading mods for Kindle fire is to download a block launcher. You can get it from the app store.

Step 2: Open Kindle Fire File

You can use File Manager for Kindle Fire to open the files.

Step 3: Download Mods

You can start to download the mods which are suitable for Kindle Fire.

Step 4: Move Mods

Once you download the mods as you want, it is time for you to move the mod. Find the mods you’ve downloaded, then unzip them. After that, place them in the games folder to make it easy to find.

Step 5: Find Mods with Block Launcher

By using block launcher, you definitely can find Minecraft mods.

Step 6: Textures Pack

In this step, you can turn on the Textures Pack.

Step 7: Sounds

In this step, you probably will get a pop up that says “download sounds”. You can press Yes if you want to add some sounds to the mods.

That’s it! You finally can add Minecraft mods on Kindle Fire. So, it is time for you to try running the free Minecraft mods for Kindle Fire.

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