Giant Tree Blueprint Minecraft

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Blueprints are a new addition to Minecraft BuildCraft 3.1. Blueprints can be used to store information about the structures, similar to a template, but instead of only storing what spaces are occupied, also a blueprint will store the material that was used. This offers you to better recreate an existing structure using a builder.

When first crafted, blueprints are referred to as ‘Blank Blueprint.’ For your information, Blank blueprints need to be written by using an Architect Table, or Blueprint Library. A blueprint is able to be written on multiple times, each time it overwrites the previous information that was stored on the blueprint.



  • 8 x Paper
  • 1 x Lapis Lazuli

Produces: 1 x Blueprint


When you open this page, you may want to find out the information regarding the giant tree blueprint. If you are planning to create a giant tree in Minecraft but you do not have any ideas, we suggest you look for some references. In order to find some references to create a giant tree in Minecraft, you are able to go to a site named Grab Craft. To go there, firstly you are able to open your choice browser and type Once you are there, you are able to use the search box to make your searching easier. On the search bar, you only need to type in “Minecraft giant tree” or just “giant tree”. After that, you are going to see the results. Apparently, there are many results related to the giant tree Minecraft.

If you think that creating giant trees is hard, fortunately, there is a thing called a blueprint which can help you to make something easier and fast. The blueprint of each giant tree is able to be found on the page of each. To create something with the help of the blueprint, you are able to start with really simple projects. Now, let us take Fantasy Huge Tree by alecvdh as an example. You will be able to see there are a total of 34 levels of blocks. Please take a note that you always start with level 1 from the blueprints. It does not matter how many levels there are, you can only move on step by step. You are able to place all the blocks as shown on the blueprint. Also, the side of the blueprint displays how lots of blocks there are vertically and horizontally.

If it is not easy to distinguish what blocks are required from just looking at the colors, you are able to hover your mouse over the block. Please wait for a while and it is going to give you the name of the block. Once you are done the first level you will be able to use the slider so that you are able to move to level 2. After completing all 34 levels, you are going to get a great Fantasy Huge Tree. Aside from that, you are allowed to use whatever design of your giant tree.

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