GLSL Shaders Mod 1.7.10

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GLSL shaders mod is a mod that can be used for Minecraft. This mod is a mod which is unique and awesome because it can improve your gaming experience and also it will make everything look better. If you use this mod, it will enhance the lighting, shadows which reflect the shape and a lot of more realistic effects.

If you feel bored with the unrealistic shades from the official gameplay, using this mod is a good decision. It is because this mod will be able to give you original and realistic looking shaders. This mod needs a Graphic card which is powerful for rendering processes of texture and lighting effects when you have the Shaders enabled. Also, there are a lot of FPS which will be used by this mod. However, this mod can make you get a lot of lags especially for you who use computers which are not so powerful. If you want to install this shader mod, it is recommended for you to install it with Minecraft Forge.

It is important for you to know about the GLSL Shaders mod for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7.10 changelogs. Here they are.

  • Crash while rendering compass in the item frame now has been fixed.
  • Compatibility with AMD Catalyst 14.9 has been fixed.
  • Strange lines which appear on some block types with SEUS-v10.1 have been fixed.

Do you want to install GLSL Shaders mod? If you want to download this mod, it means that you need to know the steps for it. Here are the steps that you are able to follow to install the GLSL Shaders mod.

For the non-Forge version, here are the steps to install GLSL Shaders mod.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to download the installer.
  • Before opening the installer, you have to make sure that you have closed Minecraft and Minecraft Launcher!
  • Now, you need to select the version of the profile and click “OK”.
  • Here, you have to open Minecraft Launcher and choose the profile that you have selected in the installer.

For the Forge version, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to download and install the Minecraft Forge API.
  • Now go to this:

On Windows => %appdata%\.minecraft

On Mac OS X => ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

On Linux => ~/.minecraft

  • In this step, you have to search for the “mods” folder.
  • Now, copy ShadersMod-v2.4.12mc1.XX.jar in the mods folder.
  • After that, open Minecraft Launcher and choose Forge profile to be used in the game.

It is recommended for you to use Optifine Mod because this mod will give you extra performance and has introduced support for shaders.

If you want to download GLSL shaders mod, one of the sites that you can access is If you need the video tutorial of downloading this mod, you are able to watch it on Youtube such as a video of LukYZee entitled How To Install The Shaders Mod Minecraft 1.7.10 which was uploaded on June 30th, 2014; a video of AsianHalfSquat entitled Minecraft – GLSL Shaders Mod Installation Guide (1.7.10) which was uploaded on January 15th, 2014 and many more.

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