How Do You Get Multiplayer on Minecraft

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Minecraft definitely allows you to play either singleplayer or multiplayer. In this case,  playing in single player has more focus to create any objects and increase the skill effectively. But, playing Minecraft with your friends in multiplayer mode is one of the most gorgeous way that you can do when you are bored to play alone.

Unfortunately, to play in multiplayer mode, at least you need to do some things before. Certainly, there are different ways that you have to follow on each Minecraft Version and server too.

No worry! If you really do not know how to get multiplayer mode on your Minecraft version, we are here to guide you to be able to play in multiplayer mode in Minecraft. So, here are the ways of how to get multiplayer on Minecraft on each Minecraft version, server and platform as you’re using to play Minecraft:

How to Get Multiplayer Mode on LAN in Minecraft Java Edition

  • Firstly, select a host computer. Of course, it must be enough to play the game when a server runs for others to join.
  • Launch the game, then, select the Single Player.
  • Make a new world or open an existing one.
  • Press esc, choose Open the LAN.
  • Select a game mode: Adventure, Creative or Survival.
  • Choose Start LAN World.
  • Finally, the other players who have the same network can now join and connect via the Multiplayer button.

How to Get Multiplayer Mode for Windows 10/Xbox

  • Ensure that every player is connected to the same network. Choose a host device.
  • Choose Play.
  • Choose the Pen icon to make a new world or edit an existing one.
  • Choose Visible to LAN players.
  • Choose either Create or Play. Continue as normal.
  • Now, the other players can join the game by searching for available LAN games under Friends tab.

How to Play Minecraft on Online Server in Multiplayer Mode

  • To connect to someone’s server, you have to log into the game.
  • Choose Multiplayer, then, Add Server.
  • After that, enter the IP or web address for the server.

How to Get Multiplayer Mode using a Realm

Need to know that Minecraft realm is a multiplayer service feature developed by Mojang in which it can allow you and up to 10 users to play together. Indeed, you need a subscription to use it. Then, the price totally depends on the platform as you are using.

In Minecraft Java Edition

  • Open your Minecraft and choose Minecraft Realms.
  • Choose the option to Create and configure Your Realm.
  • After that, you have to enter a world name or edit an existing one.
  • Then, double click your Realm to continue with a standard Survival world.

In Other Platforms

  • Open Minecraft app.
  • Go to the Play, Create New, and New Realm.
  • Select a name and the size for your realm. Choose Create.
  • When the realm is created, you can send the invites to your friends.

Now, you already know how to get multiplayer mode in Minecraft. It’s your turn to start playing in multiplayer mode in Minecraft. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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