How Rare is a Soul Speed Book

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The Nether has always been a trend in Minecraft over the past few updates. The newest 20w11a snapchat adds even more to do in this strict environment, from the power to place redstone on Soul Sand to the new Soul Speed enchantment.

Soul Speed allows you to walk at increased speed over both Soul Sand and Soul Soil when it is applied to boots. It is unlikely that your boots will lose durability with each Soul Soil or Soul Sand you walk on when wearing the enchanted boots, meaning you will need to keep yourself supplied with Soul Speed enchantments. Soul Speed I allows you to walk at the normal speed on Soul Sand and Soul Soil, while the Soul Speed II and Soul Speed III ranks in it allow for even faster movement.

What should be done if you want to get Soul Speed? The only way to get the Soul Speed enchantment is trading with Piglins, which are only able to be found in Nether biomes. They are able to have either the enchanted Soul Speed books or iron boots already enchanted with Soul Speed. It is the best idea to get more than one enchantment just in case.

How can you get the Piglins to trade with you? Do not forget that Piglins are always hostile, unless you are wearing at least one piece of the gold equipment, specifically one of these following items:

  • Golden helmet
  • Golden boots
  • Golden leggings
  • Golden chestplate

If you do not have one of the above pieces equipped or feel like digging for the gold, you are able to instead slay Piglins in order to get the gold armor. Apparently, Piglins will drop the armor they are wearing on death at a small chance. In the other words, you are able to simply farm them if you want to get the armor you have to trade in a hurry.

Feel free to trade with Piglins like normal. You also have the option to either apply the Soul Speed enchantment manually at an anvil as with the other kinds of enchantments, or just go on about your adventures if you only get enchanted boots.

The Soul Speed book is considered as a rare thing. such a rare thing. So, how rare is the Soul Speed book? Soul Speed is extremely rare and they should not be. They are able to be used to enchant items using an anvil but can be hard to come across. In specific, they are able to be found in the hands of the new Piglin mob. Piglins live in the Nether as of the new update, and will not fight the player so long as they are wearing some golden armor. The gold is the one used by the Piglins to barter for good, including the Soul Speed enchantment book. There is no guarantee that they will yield the book on the first trade, so you need to bring a lot of gold ingots with you into the Nether if you want to obtain Soul Speed.

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