How to Activate a Respawn Anchor

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You may wonder how does a Respawn Anchor work?
How to activate a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft?
Then, how to use it when playing Minecraft?

Respawn Anchor is the newest addition in Minecraft introduced back in March 2020. Formerly, it was so impossible to allow the players to be able spawn in the Nether. But, with the new feature of this Respawn Anchor, the Minecraft players are really able to set a spawn point in the Nether.

It definitely allows the players to spawn back right again in the Nether even if they die at the location. Need to know that the Respawn Anchor is stackable and renewable in nature which has a blast resistance up to 1,200.

Respawn Anchor in Minecraft is a much-requested feature which has totally been added to the game with the latest Nether Update in Minecraft. In this new feature, you can also find a new Minecraft block in the newest update. It means that it is not particularly easy to get. However, to get this Respawn Anchor block, you will need Crying Obsidian and Glowstone blocks which are really a bit hard to find.

Then, you may also interest to use this Respawn Anchor to spawn in the Nether. Definitely, you need to craft it in order to activate it before you use it to spawn in the Nether.

How to Activate a Respawn Anchor

To get this Respawn Anchor, you must totally craft it to make it active in the crafting grid. Of course, you will need some materials to support it so that you are able to craft it well. Then, to craft it, you have to know the recipe.

The Materials to Craft Respawn Anchor

At least, there are two kinds of materials that you will need to craft Respawn Anchor. They are:

  • 3 blocks of Glowstone
  • 6 Blocks of Crying Obsidian

The Steps to Activate a Respawn Anchor

Once you have the materials, you can continue to activate it in a crafting grid. The active here means that you already have the Respawn Anchor which is ready to use. Here are the ways that you need to follow in activating a Respawn Anchor:

  • Firstly, in the crafting menu, you have to place 3 blocks of Crying Obsidian in the top row.
  • Then, you are able to place 3 blocks of Glowstone in the middle row.
  • After that, you need to place 3 blocks of Crying Obsidian in the low row.

That’s it! You successfully activate a Respawn Anchor and are ready to use.

How to Use a Respawn Anchor?

Once you activate a Respawn Anchor, it is time for you to use it.

To use it, you should place it whenever they would like to respawn by right-clicking it to set their respawn point. It may be empty, but you are able to fill it with Glowstone blocks to charge it by simply using the activate button while holding Glowstone.

In this case, Respawn Anchor is able to hold four charges at a time. And one is expended each time a player dies. However, it should be refilled constantly as if you died while there are no charges. They totally will respawn in the Overworld at their starting spawn point.

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