How to Add Mods to Minecraft PE

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Mod in Minecraft is an essential-aesthetic thing that you must have. Indeed, mods in Minecraft role to make your world in-game to look more beautiful and attractive. Without mods, we guess that you won’t have a desirable enchanting Minecraft world at all.

In fact, mods have been popular for a long time for Android but it’s only now (in 0.16.0) in which the add-ons have been introduced as an official feature of the game. However, this is the best part that supports all operating systems such as iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows 10 Edition and Android.

Because the mod for the first time was popular on Android, of course it’s not wrong if you look for ways to add mods to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Then, are you curious how to add mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition/Android?

How to Add Mods to Minecraft Pocket Edition/ Android

Follow our steps below to add mods to Minecraft!

Step 1: Download Addons for Minecraft.

This free app is available for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets. Follow these steps to download Addons for Minecraft:

  • Firstly, Open the App Store on iPhone and iPad, or Google Play Store on Android devices.
  • Press “Search” (iPhone only). For Android, press the search box at the top of the screen.
  • Type “mcpe addons” on the search bar.
  • Once the page opens the mcpe, then you need to press”GET” or “Install” next to “Addons for Minecraft”.
  • Then, enter the password or scan Touch ID when prompted.

Step 2: Open Addons for Minecraft.

To get it, you can choose the icon on the home screen or app drawer to open the application. You can also press the “Open” button on the Google Play Store or App Store after the application has finished downloading and installing.

Step 3: Get the Minecraft Mods You Want

  • To find the mod you want to download, you definitely have to tap the “Search” icon at the bottom of the screen. This icon resembles a magnifying glass. Use the search box to search for a mod by name or description.
  • Once you’ve found the mod you want to download, tap the mods link to access its page.

Step 4: Download the Mods.

To get it, you have to select the DOWNLOAD button. Then, if you see more than one “DOWNLOAD” button, you will need to download some additional mods. This means that you will need to repeat the installation process for the mod on the second button (and after) after the first mod file has finished downloading.

Step 5: Install the Mods

  • It is a time to install the mods that you’ve downloaded. You will see the Purple button to install the mods.
  • If the mod page has multiple “INSTALL” buttons, return to the app after the first mod file has been installed and repeat the download process.

Step 6: Open Mods

  • Once the installation is finished, you can continue the steps to open the mods by launching the Minecraft app.
  • After you open mods with Minecraft, the mods will be loaded within the Minecraft app. Wait until the mods installed on the game.

Note: If the Minecraft icon doesn’t appear in the menu, slide the options bar to the left until it reaches the end, select “More”, and tap the white switch to the right of Minecraft.

Step 7: Create a New World with Fresh Mods Installed

Once you installed the mods, you can try creating a new world in MInecraft by following these steps:

  • Select “Play”.
  • Select “Create New”.
  • Select “Create New World”.
  • Scroll the screen to the “Resource Packs” or “Behavior Packs” section in the left pane.
  • Touch “Resource Packs” or “Behavior Packs”.
  • Select a mod and tap the “+” button below it.
  • Tap “Activate” under the texture pack.
  • Touch “Create” on the left panel.

Congratulations! You absolutely have a new world with awesome mods within the game.

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