How to Add Shaders Mod to Minecraft

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Shaders mod will be able to give Minecraft a different look. Do you want to add shaders mod to Minecraft? If you want to add shaders mod to Minecraft, it means that you need to know the steps of it . If you go on by yourself, you may be afraid that you will make a mistake.

So here, we will help you to guide you to add shaders mod in Minecraft. If you want to add shader mod to Minecraft, the first thing that you do is to download and install OptiFine. You have to choose the version that you want which is the same as the version of Minecraft that you are using. Some people say that the Ultra version is the best version. It is because it has a lot of features. If you find the version that you want, click on the word ‘Mirror’ beside the name of the version and then, you will be brought to a page with a lot of ads and you have to scroll down and look for Download OptiFine. There, you have to click on it to download. If you have downloaded Optifine, now you have to go to the downloaded OptiFine Installer, right click, choose Open With and then choose Java (TM) Platform SE binary. You will see a small box popping up and click on Install.

After you download and install OptiFine, you can download the shaders. You can download the shaders that you want but the most popular in the Minecraft community is the Minecraft 1.15 shaders. There are some recommended shaders that you can see in the list below.

  • Sildurs Vibrant World
  • Seus
  • Continuum Shaders
  • Kuda Shaders
  • BSL

The shaders which are downloaded will be saved as a .zip file. You have to make a folder and put all your downloaded shaders there.

The next step, you must locate and open your shaders folder. Do you know how to do that? You have to play the OptiFine version by opening your Minecraft launcher and then click on Options. Choose Video settings and you will be directed to another page. After that, choose and click Shaders and click the Shaders folder and a folder window will pop up. Now, you have to look for the folder where you put the downloaded shaders and move it to the shaderpacks folder that you just opened. You have to close the folder and Minecraft and then Launch Minecraft again and choose the OptiFine version. You must click on Options and then continue with the installation.

After you have done the steps above, you have to install your downloaded shaders pack. To do that, you must choose the shaders pack on the folder that you created. Then, you have to make sure to move the folder where you put your shader into the shaders folder. Now, choose Video Settings and you will be brought to another page. There, choose and click on Shaders and click on the Shader Folder so you will be able to see the shader pack that you installed. The last step, you have to click on Done. Well now, you are able to play Minecraft in different experiences with the shaders that you have.

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