How to Check Valorant Region

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Currently, it is still unknown how to check the Valorant region. Valorant is a new game so it seems like there is no feature to do it yet. However, another popular game created by Riot Games called League of Legends has it. In this game, you just need to click the cog located on the bottom right hand corner of the login screen. Your region will be displayed there. You can try the same method in Valorant and see if it works.

Sometimes, people experience strange lag while playing Valorant, get the wrong currently set on the available payment options, and cannot queue up with friends. If you face this kind of issue, you might have an incorrect Region of Residence listed on your Riot account. For those who do not have any slightly idea, your Region of Residence refers to the geographical area you live in, and it decides which shards you play on, that payment options you have available to you, and who you are able to play with.

Fortunately, if you have the wrong region listed on your account, Riot Games is there to help. Please login to the official website of Riot Games to see if you are eligible for a change. It means, you can also try to seek help from the representative of Riot Games if you want to check Valorant region.

Talking about changing the region, Riot Games does not provide a feature that will allow you to play the game from a different region than your original. They do not allow players from different regions to complete together. On the other words, you are able to match with players in your region only. However, the community of the game has some methods that you can try to change your region in the game.

The first one is using VPS to create a new Riot account. After downloading the free VPS of your choice, install and launch the program. Then, select the country or region where you want to play Valorant. Once everything is done, click the link to make a new Riot account. Once the account has been created, you are able to use this account to play the game with your friends in the region you selected on the VPS. However, you will again need to get access to beta and go through the arduous task of streaming videos.

The second one is submitting a ticket to Riot Games. If the method mentioned before does not work for you, you are always able to get in touch with the developers and present your case. Who knows your request to change the region may be accepted. However, it is not recommended as the chance is small. It seems like Riot Games will only approve the request to change the region if there is a mistake but it is still worth trying if you want. To look for another method to change the region, it is better for you to visit the community of Valorant.

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