How to Designing RPG System on a Minecraft

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You may think that designing an RPG system on Minecraft is a difficult thing. However, if you learn it, you will be able to do it easily. Here, we will inform you about how to design an RPG system on a Minecraft. If you access, you will find a thread about Designing a Minecraft RPG system.

The one who posted it is Camas and he posted it on July 1st, 2014. On that thread, he writes that he has been working on a Custom RPG Minecraft server. For this project, he has been working on his own RPG system and it has been evolving for months now.

He has been surfing the interwebs looking for an RPG game that has something that is based on his system, to no avail. He is assuming this is due to his system being a horrid and confusing mess, but he writes that we shall see. And here is a summary of it:

  • There are three races the player is able to choose from: Elf, Mage and Dwarf.
  • Every player has Attributes or Stats which are different and those are Strength, Defence, Agility and Magic.
  • Each player also is able to pick Skills, or abilities, such as Frost Arrow, Lockpick, Heal, or Flaming Blade. (There are a lot of these)
  • Unlike most games he has seen, your race does not define what skills are available to you: your race simply gives you simple perks (such as +10% Strength).
  • Skills are usable and it depends on your stats though – examples are “Ice Tomb: Lvl 3 MAG, Lvl 2 STR”, which of course means Enabling Ice Tomb requires the player to have Magic at level 3 or more, and Strength at Level 2.
  • Skills are able to be crafted, bought (from both server and players), traded, dropped by monsters, and given/used in quests.
  • You are able to easily refund stats to pour into another stat.

Furthermore, he writes that this system is good and it is because it permits a player to want to be a Tanky Dwarf at the start and then switch to a Fire Mage afterwards. Also, he is thinking of permitting the player to be able to pick a build which will make the game pick the skills or stats wanted automagically, instead of the player picking them, the examples of builds could be Thief, Ranger or Healer.

Then, he also writes that one thing that you will notice is that this system is relatively simple for any noob to play. He is not favorable to a game which asks you to reset your character once you figure out how to spend stat points.

Then, there are some comments towards this as you can see in the One of the comments states that the system that is used by Camas resembles the Elder scroll’s minus the skill system which seems rather cool. But, it will be better if he could craft his own skills.

Well, for more information about how to design an RPG System on Minecraft, you are able to visit the forum and read more about it.

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