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SEUS is one of the best shaders that you are able to use for Minecraft. SEUS is short for Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders and it is a shaderpack for Minecraft to be used with OptiFine or GLSL Shaders Mod. With this shader, you will have dynamics and realism to your Minecraft world.

Are you interested in this shader? If so, you need to download it and of course you need to know how to download it. If you want to download and install SEUS shaders, you need to install some other programs. The first one that you have to download and install is Minecraft Forge API. So, you are able to access Minecraft Forge at and then you have to download the latest version in the 1.7.10 Downloads section. You need to click on the asterisk link not the Installer-Win link. After that, you have to double click the binary and select the Install Client option in the installer dialog. Then, you must click OK.

After you run through MinecraftForge which has been installed, you need to know that the new Minecraft launcher profile that gets automatically made for you is named Forge. Now, you must run your Minecraft client at least once using Forge profile. You must login once again because it is a new profile. Then, close Minecraft client and go to your .minecraft folder. You will see a new folder named “Mods” and now you are ready to install OptiFine which is recommended when using Sonic Ether’s shader pack.

In this step, you have to install the OptiFine mod. You can access and then click on the download link for OptiFine 1.7.10 HD U A4. It is a JAR archive and you just have to copy it to you .minecraft\mods folder. Now, you have to start the Minecraft client again by using the Forge profile. In the main screen, you must click on the new Mod menu and then verify that the OptiFine mod is contained in the list of installed mods.

After installing OptiFine mod, now you have to install the GLSL Shaders mod. You can download it in the and you must search the mod by entering “shaders mod karyonix”. Then, you can choose on download link1 in the Minecraft 1.7.10 section to download the JAR archive. After you click some ads, download the JAR archive named “ShadersModCore-v.2.3.18-mc1.7.10-f1179.jar” or newer. You must copy the file to your .minecraft\mods folder. Then, you have to restart your Minecraft client using the Forge profile and if you click on Options, you will see a new button named “Shaders…” in the main screen.

Now, it is time for you to install SEUS shaders. You are able to access and then search for ‘sonic ether shader’. You have to click on the appropriate post written by sonicether and then you have to scroll down to the latest section and select one of the SEUS versions to download. The download is in a ZIP file which contains a shaders sub directory. You can make a new folder named SEUS v10.1 Ultra if you download the Ultra version and you can make the folder in your .minecraft\shaderpacks folder. You have to copy the entire shaders directory from the ZIP file to .minecraft\shaderpacks, so then the directory will be like this .minecraft\shaderpacks\SEUS v10.1 Ultra\shaders\…”.

How to activate the shaders? You can open Minecraft and go to Options and then choose Shaders. On the left side, you can click on SEUS v10.1 Ultra and then you have to make sure that ‘CloudShadow’ is set to Off, ‘tweakBlockDamage’ is set to On and ‘OldLighting’ is set to Off.

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