How to Drop Spike in Valorant

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If you come to this page for getting the information about how to drop Spike in Valorant, apparently you are at the right page. Here we are going to talk about that. Now, you only need to read this entire article.

The spike is dropped in front of the attackers at the start of a round. It is able to be run over to collect. The team is going to see an icon appear below the carrier’s portrait. Both teams are going to be notified if the spike carrier is killed. Afterwards, the spike is carried like a weapon. The carrier is able to drop the spike. You have to remember that it is able to be collected only by other Attackers. A dropped spike is visible on the minimap to the attackers, and to the Defenders while they have sight of it.


When attacking in Valorant, any player will be able to pick up the Spike from the ground with the intention of planting it at any of the map. But figuring out how to drop it may not be clear to everyone. There is not a button which tells you how to drop it and mashing your keyboard may have minimal results. Actually, there is a way to drop it that the game does not tell you.

In short:

  • You need to press “4” on the keyboard if you have the Spike in your possession.
  • Then, you have to press “G” on your keyboard to drop it.

If you have the Spike and want to pass it to a teammate or you want to only drop it somewhere to pick up later, firstly you will need to choose the Spike by pressing the “4” button on your keyboard. After that, you are able to press the “G” key. It should drop the Spike in front of where you are looking. Please ensure that you select a good place to drop it, so your enemy does not see it.


  • At the start of each round, one of the five attackers are going to be given the Spike.
  • You are able to drop the Spike by selecting it, and pressing the “G” key.
  • You can only plant the Spike in a select area.
  • To plant the Spike, you will need to hold down the “4” key.
  • It takes approximately four seconds to plant the Spike.
  • You are able to cancel planting by letting go of the “4” key.
  • The Spike explodes after 45 seconds.
  • It takes about 7 seconds to defuse the Valorant Spike.
  • When it’s close to detonating, it is going to beep at a fast rate.
  • When the Spike explodes, it will kill every player in a large radius.
  • The Spike is able to be pinged with the “Z” key.
  • When it has been dropped, the Spike is going to appear on your minimap.

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