How to Fix Aternos Lag in Minecraft

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Minecraft has a completely new world format to allow the new water changes. Unfortunately, this new world format is not really optimized yet and causes many performance problems. Minecraft has increased the resources for Vanilla 1.13 and the newer servers.

However there are still issues that cannot be solved with more resources. In this case, we suggest you always use the latest version. Of course, it contains the latest optimizations and fixes. The basic performance issue is still present in the newer versions, but hopefully can improve with the newer versions. Since 1.14.4 Mojang suggest to make a debug report and send it to them when you have performance issues so that they can find and fix the causes.

By the way, do you use plugins or mods? How to fix Aternos lag? For your information, too many or misused plugins or mods can cause server lags. For this case, you have to ensure to install a reasonable amount of plugins and do not create too many worlds. Mod features, for example: machines or chunk loaders can cause lags. To identify the issue, you are able to click his link; Also, it is possible that a single mod contains a bug. Or it is not really performant and causes on it’s own to slow down your server. Please try to remove mod by mod to find out if you are affected by plugins or mods.

During the game, there are also a few tricks how you are able to reduce lags.

Mobs: For example, mobs have a big impact on performance. In this case, we do not suggest to keep lots of mobs (animals or monsters). Please limit yourself to a few. Loading chunks also has a big impact on performance.

  • Exploring: Exploring the new areas causes large lag spikes and decreases the performance massively.
  • Loaded chunks: It is also worth reducing the number of chunks loaded, especially if you play with some players on one server. It means that if there are lots of players close to each other, it is better for performance than if there are lots of players far away from each other. In this case, we have shared the information related to reducing the number of loaded chunks for 1.13 and newer servers. In addition, you are able to find more information on Aternos site.

Talk about Aternos lag in Minecraft, in this article, we are also going to talk about PaperMC. You have to know that PaperMC is a software that contains some enhancements over the vanilla version to improve performance. It supports the installation of plugins. If you want to use paper, you are able to install it by clicking this link; Indeed, PaperMC does not solve all issues and the performance is still not outstanding but still worth the switch. Apparently, the rule that the newer the version is the better also applies here. They always contain the latest improvements and corrections.

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