How to Fix Valorant Error Code 39

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The game called Valorant may be the trendiest new competitive shooter around, but the game software still has a few kinks to work out. When something goes wrong, the players of the game are usually provided with an error code. For those who are here, you have probably come face to face with error code 39. What sort of problem does this number refer to, and what you should have done to fix the error? Keep reading the page to find out.

Valorant error code 39 corresponds to an issue with server connectivity. This one usually appears with a message saying there was an error connecting to the platform. Error code 39 usually shows up when the servers of the game are down for scheduled maintenance.

When the error known as error code 39 appears, it is worth checking on the current Valorant server status. During periods of server maintenance, the code 39 and some other numbered error codes will show up before the software offers the option to quit the game.

If all the servers are not online, there is no need to try to solve the error. The only real fix is to wait until the servers come back up again. Looking on the bright side, there is nothing wrong with your software or computer hardware. Error code 39 has occurred because the whole game is offline.

With any luck, the servers of Valorant will not be down for maintenance very long. Most downtime is usually done within a few hours of new game updates being rolled out. For those who are desperate to get back into the game, you are always able to check out the official Twitter account of Valorant for the newest update straight from the developers.

Valornat error code 39 is cryptic in nature. It means it offers no real explanation of the problem. However, the game says there is an error connecting to the platforms, which is your big clue that servers are offline. The good news is, the simplest way is to simply wait until the things are back up and running.

Aside from error code 39, there are also some other errors related to Valorant. Here are some other ones that you probably encounter:

  1. Error code 4: Your display name is invalid.
  2. Error code 5: Account was logged into elsewhere.
  3. Error code 7: Could nit connect to session service.
  4. Error code 8-21: Problems with the Riot Client.
  5. Error code 31: Failed to get player name information.
  6. Error code 33: The Riot Client process was closed.
  7. Error code 43: A System has timed out.
  8. Error code 44: Vanguard not initialized.
  9. Error code 45: Reboot required.
  10. Error code 46: Platform downtime.
  11. Error code 49: Chat did not initialize.
  12. Error code 50: Voice did not initialize.
  13. Error code 51: Problem creating a party.
  14. Error code 52: Problem fetching skill information for players.
  15. Error code 53: Problem with Riot Client chat.

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