How to Fix Valorant Error Code 46

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Getting an error when you are playing game of course becomes something which is annoying. Moreover if you have prepared anything for playing or compete with your friends but then you find that there is an error in the game. Talk about error, have you ever experienced error code 46 in Valorant game?

If you find any error in the game, of course you need to know how to fix it. It is better if you also know the cause of the error whether it is due to the maintenance, connection or any other causes. How about error code 46? Why can it happen and how to fix it?

Error code 46 which you find in Valorant game is one of the common problem which players are facing when they are trying to play the free to play shooter of Riot Games. When the error pops up, you will see that you are not able to sign in and play the game. According to Riot Games site in the Valorant Support section, error 46 means that the platform downtime. This is planned downtime which is allotted for the engineers to be able to work on their system. So, there is nothing that you are able to do to fix it but you are able to check back later. You have to wait until the downtime for the server of game is over. If this downtime is over, you are able to access Valorant game again and play it again as usual.

If there are millions of players are on the servers at the same time playing, it can make Riot Games have difficulty trying to perform maintenance on their servers for Valorant. So, they need to put the servers offline for a while to permit their engineers to be able to work on server maintenance properly. Next time, if you have this error code again, make sure that you can be patient to wait and you can go back later.

In the Support section of Riot Games site, you are also able to see some other error codes in Valorant so that you can know the meaning of each of them and how to fix them. Here are some error codes which can happen on Valorant.

  • Error code 45 means that Vanguard Reboot required. To solve this problem, you have to go ahead and then restart the Riot Client. If the problem still exists, then you are able to uninstall Riot Vanguard and then restart Valorant.
  • Error code 49 means that chat did not initialize. To solve this issue, you have to go ahead and restart the Riot Client.
  • Error code 51 means that there is a problem creating a party. To solve this issue, you have to go ahead and restart the Riot Client.
  • Error code 54 means that content service failure. To solve this issue, you can go ahead and restart the Riot Client.
  • Error code 31 means that it is failed to get player name information. You can go ahead and restart the Riot Client to solve it.

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