How to Fix Valorant High Ping

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In this guide, we are going to share some ways you can do to lower your high ping in Valorant and improve your PC gaming.


Switching to Ethernet is a simple first step to lower your high ping. WiFi is known to increase the latency. A plethora of household devices are known to interfere with WiFi, creating it sub-optimal for online gaming. Connecting to a device directly with an Ethernet cable is the good method to make sure that you have the lowest possible ping and a much more stable connection. Please save yourself some grief later and purchase a cable now.


Your computer’s firewall and antivirus running in the background are going to intermittently scan packets when they are received from a central game server. Sometimes this causes a minor delay in latency, sometimes packets are denied by your security or lost entirely.  Please ensure to whitelist your games in your security settings will lower packet loss and can marginally improve ping times.


Depending on the specifics, background programs are able to hog many your bandwidth, resulting in increased latency. The number one offenders are the programs which update automatically like Steam. However, there are other programs and sites like Spotify, Netflix, and Twitch which use a ton of your bandwidth. Sometimes your internet connection will be able to handle it but not always. In addition, video streams are able to cause frame rate problems as of the added strain on your graphics card. Unless you have a state of the art card, it is going to always have some impact on video quality and clarity. The best way to make sure a quality experience is to turn off other programs and let your game have priority.


From a computer resource perspective, it is very important to ensure your game settings are optimized. While nice graphics and ultra-settings may be visually pleasing, they are able to impact frame rates. It is important to ensure that your graphics card, RAM, and processor are able to support the settings you select for the smoothest gaming experience.


Each additional device on your network will put strain on your bandwidth. Too many devices will be able to affect stability and latency in-game. It may be hard to disconnect all other devices, however doing what you are able to reduce the number of connected devices will create a large impact on lowering your ping.


Haste will be able to lower your ping by using customized network routes which are optimal for the game you are playing like Valorant. While the program runs, it continuously looks for ways to reach the best connection to game servers, trying to decrease latency and reduce your ping. The best part is, you are able to try Haste absolutely free and feel the difference in-game to get the edge you need.

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