How to Get Better at Valorant

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When there is a new game, gamers and streamers usually will be enthusiastic with it. Then, when they try to play the game and then they enjoy the game, they start to think how to get better at the game. This thing maybe is not only thought by the professional gamers and streamers, but also some players who are not pro in gaming.

Getting better in a game is important. Moreover, if you have a goal to attend tournaments. Now, how to get better at Valorant? A lot of tips that you are able to do to get better at Valorant. Here are some of them.

  • Know Every Agent Does

In Valorant games, there are 10 agents which are available to players for now. Each of them is equipped with a range of abilities which are aimed to help players take objectives. If you are able to know what the agents sound like or how much damage that they do, you will have better preparation when it comes to avoiding death and also making counter plays.

  • Learn Recoil and Spray Patterns

In Valorant, you will find a variety of weapons. Each of one has different recoil and spray pattern. So, you can take some time to go through every weapon in the practice range and then you have to get used to the recoil. Also, find out what the spray patterns are. By doing this, you will get an insight on which weapon that you might have a preference with because all of the weapons have different prices so that it is important to have good knowledge on every weapon.

  • Customize Your Crosshair

There are a lot of settings to tweak its colour, opacity, size, thickness, and more in the game. You are able to customize it that can work well for you. You are able to test it out in the training areas to see whether it fits your playstyle. It is important for you to know that not putting in enough time to find a suitable crosshair or finding what sens works for them is one of the biggest mistakes that players make. If you have played other FPS games, you are able to use a sens converter to find the sensitivity your mouse should be in Valorant. But, if you are a newbie, you are able to do tests to determine what works for you. Alternatively, you are able to replicate the crosshair of professional players if you think that it can be suitable for you.

  • Aim Training

It is important for you to warm up in the Practice Range in Valorant. You can try and squeeze in 30 minutes of aim training a day to build up muscle memory. You have to practice stopping, moving, and shooting. You can also swing your mouse hard from one side to the other or round a corner and snap to a target. Believe that anything that challenges you at first, it will pay dividends the more you practice it.

So, you are able to try to do these tips to get better at Valorant. Hopefully, these tips can help you and Good luck!

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