How to Get Gun Skins in Valorant

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The closed beta for the game called Valorant is underway, and each player of the game is able to customize the book of their weapons with a variety of skins. However, there are specific methods that players are able to get particular skins for their favorite weapon that players are able to have their Agents use in the first person shooter.

The good news is that this page has everything you need to know to get these cosmetic weapon items covered for you so that you are able to look amazing while showing off your first person shooter skills.

So, how to get gun or weapon skins in Valorant? Currently, there are two methods that players are able to get these particular cosmetic items in the new game of Riot Games. The first one is by going to the in game store and purchasing the weapon skins that are currently available in the beta version. Apparently, the store will reset every day at 5 pm PST, 7 pm CST or 8 pm EST. It means the players are able to check back every day in order to see if the skin they have been craving is in the store following the cosmetic reset. The items in the store vary, but you are able to usually find the Luxe and Reaver bundles, which cost 4,375 Valorant points. All of them contain weapon skins for a group of guns and also included a free knife skins. Aside from that, individuals are also able to purchase each skin from the package individually for a price of 875 points. Please keep in mind that there will also be four individual weapon skins below the bundle that you are able to purchase and add to your inventory.

The second method that players are able to obtain weapon skins is by leveling up the contracts of each Agent. For your information, every character has a contract that players are able to activate. Once this one is activated, you will earn experience points for it every time you play. A skin inspired by the character is then available for beta players to obtain when they reach tier 9 of the contract.

The developer of Valorant called Riot Games will likely add more weapon skins to the game in the future, but the two methods mentioned above are how you are able to acquire the currently available cosmetic items in the closed beta of the title.

For more information about how to get gun skins or weapon skins in Valorant, please visit the official website of Riot Games. If you have any questions related to the topic, it is better for you to visit the community of the game and discuss with the members of the community. If you face some problems and need help because you think it is too hard for you, you can ask the members of the community. Aside from that, you are also allowed to contact the representative of Riot Games.

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