How to Get Honey in Minecraft from Bees

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In Minecraft, you are able to farm or get honey from bees. In the game, honey is produced by bees after they gather pollen. They will emerge from their home and then go to look for flowers. After they collect pollen at the flowers, the bees will go back home and go inside to turn the pollen into honey.

Over time, the honey will be collected until the bee nest or beehive is full and then it can be harvested by the players. If you want to get honey from a beehive, if the hive is ready to be harvested. When is it? It is when it is dripping honey. So, how to get the honey? You are able to use a glass bottle on the full hive to be able to get yourself a Honey Bottle. If you consume it, it will restore 6 Hunger and lasts a quarter longer than normal food and also it can cure you of poison. However, you are able to still drink it when your Hunger meter is full.

If you want to get honey, it is important for you to know that bee nests will spawn in wooded areas. So, it is better for you to come to biomes like Flower Forests so that it will be easy for you to find bee nests. If then you see a bee in an area, you are able to follow it and at the end it will take you back to its nest. If you are in the area of bees, you are able to collect honey by clicking on the nest while holding an empty bottle.

When you get honey, you also need to know that the bees will not be too happy with you. So, you have to be ready to run. Even though you are able to fight them, they are rare so that killing bees is not recommended.

If you are afraid of the bees when you want to get or farm honey, you have to make sure that you are able to avoid them. When you use a bottle or a shear on a bee nest or a beehive, the bees in it will be aggravated and try to attack you. If they succeed in landing an attack on you, you will be poisoned and the bees will die in roughly a minute. So, how to avoid the bees? You are able to prevent the bees from getting angry by lighting a campfire directly under the bee hive or nest before you harvest honey. However, this effort can make the bees get damaged from the fire. So, you have to make sure that the campfire is put out after using.

Or, you are able to collect the products of bees by using a dispenser. You are able to use a dispenser to harvest honey bottles and honeycomb from a hive using a redstone signal. The output of the dispenser must be pointing to the beehive and the dispenser must have glass bottles so that it will be able to collect honey bottles or shears if you want to collect honeycomb.

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