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In this article, we are going to share all Valorant knife skins and how to get them. If you want to know that information, you are able to keep staying on this page. Make sure that you do not miss any information.

Based on the research, Valorant has six knife skins, each with a unique design and theme. The knife skins are perfect for sending a message and playing mind games with your enemies. They may come with a hefty price tag, but they are well worth the investment. Apparently, the developers have upped the ante and made improvements across the board following Valorant’s official launch. Now, the knife skins have new colors, animations, sizes and shapes. In the text below, you are able to find out all of the knife skins in Valorant.


  • Reaver (3,550 VP)

The Reaver takes on a gothic theme. The edges are sharp. It has a purple hilt. This is clean and simple. An Omen man especially will look good with one of these bad boys in their hand.

  • Imperium (2,550 VP)

This knife is noticeably smaller than the other Valorant knives. However, it makes up for that with its sophisticated look. Its golden dragon only adds to its aesthetic.

  • Luxe (1,750 VP)

The Luxe resembles a knife that you will find a Rogue wielding in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. It is red, silver, and sharp as hell.

  • Prism (2,550 VP)

The Prism is one of Valorant’s slickest-looking knives. It is dark blue with shades of purple. Also, it looks like it came straight out of Counter-Strike.

  • Prime Axe (3,550 VP)

The Prime Axe breaks the mold. It is a great big golden ax with a purple hilt. Also, its animation is drastically different from its contenders and chops just like an ax.

  • Kingdom (Available through the battle pass)

This knife has a similar look and feel to the default Valorant knife. It is affordable and easily attained through the battle pass. Aside from that, it is accessible to almost everyone.


We are sure that you are very curious how to get the Valorant knife skins. You have to know that each of the knives on this list are available to purchase from Valorant’s store. Usually, a knife skin is able to cost up to 3,550 Valorant points on its own. But, in a bundle, it is  significantly cheaper. You are able to purchase a knife skin together with a range of gun skins for around 5,325 VP ($34.99). When sold separately, the knife skins go for as little as 1,750 VP. If you are keen on bagging yourself a knife and you are not interested in purchasing a bundle, simply you are able to wait for your favorite knife to be featured in the store. The weapon skins rotate in the store on a daily basis, but the knives usually take longer to make an appearance.

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