How to Get Xray Mod in Minecraft

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Xray mod is the one mod that will allow you to be able to see through blocks if you want to easily find ores, diamonds, caves, mineshafts, and many more. This one can help speed up survival Minecraft or help you find cool wave cave systems or even ocean monuments.

No matter you are looking for, this mod will help you to look through blocks and find it. How to get the Xray mod in the game called Minecraft? In order to do so, please follow these following instructions.

Step 1: Download and install Forge

Before you are able to get the Xray mod up and running, you will have to download and install Forge. Once you have installed Forge, it is time for you to get the Xray mod installed.

Step 2: Download the Xray mod

After you have installed the Forge, you have to download the Xray mod. Doing so is really easy. You can just go to the official website of Curse Forge and find the Xray mod. Once you are there, you just have to click the green Download button located at the top right hand corner of the screen. It will then automatically download the most recent versions of the Xray mod.

Step 3: Get to the .minecraft folder

It is one of the most complicated steps to follow with text when it comes to installing the Xray mod, so it is better for you to see the tutorial video on Youtube. In order to install the Xray mod, you will have to get the .minecraft folder. You can just hit the Windows Key, which is able to be found at the left of the space bar, and the R key on your keyboard at the same time. This step will open up a program named Run.

Once the program named Run program is open, you can just simply type %appdata% into the search box. It will then open up the Roaming app data folder. In this stage, you should see a folder called .minecraft. This one will most likely be located at the very top. Once you found it, please double click on it to open it up.

Step 4: Make sure you have a Mods folder

Before installing the Xray mod, you have to make sure you have a place to put it. To do this, find the mods folder inside the .minecraft folder located in the Step 3. In case you do not have the mods folder, you can just simply create a brand new folder and name it mods all lower case. After you have found the mods folder, open it.

Step 5: Install the Xray mod

To install the Xray mod, you can just drag and drop the file you downloaded in Step 2 into the mods folder. It effectively installs the mod in the game.

Step 6: Select the correct version of Minecraft

The final thing you have to do is to select the forge version of Minecraft. To do this, open up the normal Minecraft launcher, and click the little arrow beside the Play button. Find “forge” in the list and click it. Then, click Play and done.

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