How to Hatch the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft

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To hatch the Ender Dragon in Minecraft is such a challenging way. However, to do it, you definitely will follow any complicated stages at all. On the other words, to hatch the Ender Dragon, you must at least do as correct as possible ways.

What is the challenge of to hatch the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

Ender Dragon challenge in Minecraft is one of the most harrowing challenges that you must complete in Minecraft. This challenge surely allows you access to the End’s outer island. When you reach the end of Minecraft island, of course, you are required to fight the Ender Dragon. Then, you have to hatch the Dragon egg to complete the challenge.

Moreover, Dragon Egg is an egg-shaped block dropped when you beat the Ender Dragon out in the game. When you defeat the Dragon, definitely you must hatch the Dragon egg.

How to defeat the Ender Dragon?

To defeat the Ender Dragon, you can either hack these using a sword or just shoot them with the help of a bow and arrow. After you do it, it will be quite an easy fight. Then, you must be able to take the Ender Dragon down in only a few minutes. Need to know that you can defeat it faster when you are in Survival Mode.

Hatch the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft

The Materials You’ll Need:

  • 4 Ender Pearls: You can get these by killing Endermen, as they usually drop 1-2 Ender Pearls.
  • 2 Blaze Rods: You can get them by killing Blazes in the Nether, as they occasionally drop 1-2 Blaze Rods.
  • 4 Ghast Tears: You can get these by killing Ghasts, as they occasionally drop Ghast Tears. A thing called Looting Sword should help significantly at this. Apparently, Ghasts are found in the Nether.
  • 28 Glass blocks: These are made by smelting sand blocks in a furnace.

How to Hatch the Ender Dragon Egg:

Once you defeat the Ender Dragon, it is a good time to hatch the egg of the Ender Dragon. Let’s see how to hatch the Ender Dragon Egg!

Step 1: Open your Crafting Table

  • By choosing the crafting table, it will open the crafting interface.
  • Craft Blaze Powder. Place two Blaze rods in the idle square of the crafting interface. Click the stack of your Blaze powder. Click your inventory to move it.

Step 2: Craft four Eyes of Ender

  • Put the four Ender Pearls in the middle square of the crafting interface.
  • Then, place the stack of four Blaze Powder in the middle-left square of the crafting interface.
  • Then, you can move the Ender Dragon’s eyes into your inventory

Step 3: Craft Four End Crystal

  • Put four Eyes of Ender in the middle square.
  • Put the four ghast tears in the bottom-middle square.
  • Put four glass blocks in each remaining square.
  • When the violet End Crystal icon shows up, you are able to move the End Crystal to your inventory
  • Then, scroll over to the Mechanisms tab, choose the End Crystal icon, and press A or X four times.

Step 4: Hatch the Ender Dragon Egg

  • Go back to The End.
  • Then, place the End Crystals.
  • The last thing that you have to do is to wait for the dragon to hatch.
  • Basically, it will hatch within around 20 seconds, at which point you are able to fight it again.

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