How to Join Aternos Server

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Aternos is a free server hosting site for Minecraft servers. If you want to join Aternos, you are able to try to connect your server. In this article, we are going to guide you to connect your server. So, you have to read this article until the end and make sure you do not miss any information.


To connect to your server, you are able to copy the IP address and enter it in your Minecraft client, as a new server or with “Direct Connect”. You are able to find the IP address on the server page with a click on the “Connect” button once the server is online. If this does not work, you have to continue reading this guide.

Please ensure that your server is online if you have issues connecting to your server. The status on the server page must be green and be labeled with “Online”. Also, you have to try to refresh the page, and verify again that your server is online. Aside from that, you have to try the DynIP. For your information, the DynIP is an alternative IP address for your server that will help you to connect to your server directly. Unlike the regular IP, the DynIP will change every time you start your server. To see the DynIP, simply you are able to click on the “Connect” button on the server page while your server is online. Then, you are able to copy it and use it as the IP to connect to your server.

By the way, why do you need the DynIP? To explain this, you need to understand the DNS. You have to know that every machine connected to the internet has an IP address composed of different numbers. As humans are not really good at remembering numbers some smart people invented a system to give names to these numbers. When you enter a domain in your browser or Minecraft client, your computer will look this name up and then find the numbers behind this name to connect to the server. To look up the domain name, your computer prompts a DNS server at Google. If this DNS server does not know the IP address behind the name, then it asks the next DNS server that knows the correct IP address.


Now, we are going to explain how to disable the online mode and allow cracked players to join the server. You may need to do this if you see the error message “Failed to log in: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)”. The players with cracked Minecraft cannot authenticate themselves to the Mojang authentication system, which is enabled by default on every Minecraft server. You are able to disable this authentication system by disabling the “online-mode”, that you can find as “Cracked” in the options: Disabling the Mojang authentication means that anybody enable connect to your server with any name, even use your admin privileges. So, it is highly recommended to prevent this by installing an authentication plugin like SuperAuth.

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