How to Leave Practice Range in Valorant

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For those who are one of the lucky few who got into the Valorant closed beta, you are probably working hard to increase your skills. The trial by fire approach of jumping straight into matches is good, but if you want, you are also to always try out Practice Mode. The thing called Practice Range in the game is a great way to work on your aim and reflexes, and as luck would have it, this one is really easy to use.

The Valorant Practice Range is able to be accessed via the Practice Mode menu of the game. In the upper right of the main menu, you need to select Practice in order to choose one of four different training modes. Please keep in mind that both the Open Range and Shooting Test options serve as a practice range to hone your aim and reflexes.

The first one is a preferred choice for free form practice or just a bit of fun. Here, you are able to run around the range, get a feel for weapons, and even track down some of the secrets hidden around the area. The second option puts your reflexes to work with a variety of challenges. Within the range, you are able to use F3 to bring up a menu with options to adjust speed, bot armor, bot movement, ammo, and streak. It is worth nothing that the speed option adjusts how fast bots disappear, so if you are only working on aim, please set the option to Easy. For a reflex based challenge, you are recommended to choose Hard.

Aside from that, the Practice Mode menu also includes options for Spike Planting and Spike defuse. All of them serve as a crash course for the main gameplay for Valorant. As in normal matches, you will need to control sites, plant Spikes, and either defend them until they detonate or defuse them. For those who are already confident with your aiming and reflexes, these two options will help prepare you for online play.

The Practice Range in the game called Valorant is only a single click away from the main menu. For those who are new to FPS games or simply want to get a feel for gunplay, Open Range or Shooting Test can help. If not, Spike Planting or Spike Defuse will help get you ready to jump into matches.

Can you leave the Practice Range? If the answer is yes, what should you do to leave it in the game? It seems like you are allowed to leave the Practice Range. You can try to go to the upper right of the main menu and find the Exit button. This one is the same place where the Practice button is located. If you cannot find it, you can try the method to leave the game in Valorant. To leave it, you usually have to select the Leave Match option from the game menu. However, some players report that they cannot leave the multiplayer game.

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