How to Log Out of Valorant Account

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Valorant is the name of the rising game created by Riot Games. Since its release on June 2, this one keeps attracting the hearts of the competitive FPS fans. A lot of players have moved to Valorant from the other popular games. That shows how popular Valorant is.

After playing the game called Valorant, some of you might want to log out of your account for your own safety. You must not want for the other people to use your Valorant account or you are afraid people will hack your account that is why it is best for you to log out of your Valorant account when you are done playing the game.

Then, how to log out of your Valorant account? Logging out of your Valorant is easy. On the left side of the screen, you will be able to find the Log Out button. If you want to log out of the Valorant account all that you have to do is to press that Log Out button and you will be out of the Valorant account.

However, due to the fact that the Log Out button is located under the Exit to Desktop button, a lot of people have complained that they pressed the Log Out or the Exit to Desktop button by accident. They asked those buttons to have the different color and the different size so people will not mistake those buttons.

Talking about logging out of the Valorant account, you might also want to know how to leave the game in Valorant. If you want to leave the game in Valorant, you usually have to select the Leave Match option from the game menu. However, a lot of players complained that they cannot leave the multiplayer game, it is impossible to choose the menu item. When this happens, the perfect way out of the custom games is to use the End of Phase option on the cheats menu.

Before going deeper, there is a catch for the cheats menu to be active, cheats have to be enabled before a custom game is able to start. Assuming it is done, you are able to leave the custom game in the game using the End Game Phase option.

Apparently, the end phase of the game does not technically end the game. Instead, this one ends each round. By clicking the button named End Phase a few times, you will quickly move on to the end of the game. Clearly, it is not as easy as just leaving the match, but the thing will allow you to exit the custom game much faster than you would otherwise do.

If you have any questions about how to log out of the Valorant account or anything related to the game, feel free to contact the representative of Riot Games. Before doing so, it is better for you to go to the official website of Riot Games and look for the answer to your question. You can also go to the Valorant community.

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