How to Make a Minecraft Treehouse Mansion

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In the world of Minecraft, a shelter acts as a base, provides protection from hostile mobs and players, and gives you somewhere to place your things. You either could make a normal house or you could make something unique. Are you wondering if you could build a treehouse that you are able to live in?

In this game, everything is possible. This article teaches you how to construct a unique treehouse in the game. First of all, you will need to gather a lot of wood. You are able to do so by attacking the trunks with your fists or an axe. You have to gather around 600 to 1000 blocks of wood. Remember that the different kinds of trees have the different color wood. Do not forget to make sure to use the same kind of wood when building your treehouse trunk. Feel free to build your treehouse near a forest or jungle so that you have an abundance of wood nearby.

Then, make the trunk of the treehouse out of wood from trees. It is known as the trunk of the treehouse. Attacking the trunk with your fists or an axe can gather the wood from the tree. The size of a small treehouse can be about 1×1 or 2×2 blocks thick or it should be between 8 to 20 blocks high. A big one can be a minimum of 4×4 blocks thick, and hollow on the inside as well as a minimum of 30 to 80 blocks high.

The next thing is to build ladders from the bottom to the top of the trunk. This allows you to climb up the tree to the location where you will eventually be living. After that, build the base of your house near the top of the trunk. It is able to be built on top of the trunk or around the trunk near the top. The fifth step is to build the walls. You are able to make it a half wall or a full wall. Another thing to be built is the roof, which is able to be built out of wooden planks or slabs or any other material you want. When it is done, make windows out of glass panes and decorate the inside. Once you have crafted the basic structure of your treehouse, get creative and decorate the inside.

If the treehouse is big enough, erecting walls would be good to make different rooms. Feel free to decorate it by adding torches for light, paintings, or furniture. On top of that, you are able to build a deck outside the house out of wooden planks or slabs. Then, build a walkway to the other treehouse (optional). Please do this if you want to craft a treehouse village, craft the other treehouses, or trunks with platforms on top in close proximity to your treehouses. If you want fences for railings, you can add them. Make sure to add them around any decks, or bridges around your treehouse or connecting your treehouses. The last thing is to add leaves for decoration.

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