How to Make Aternos Server Less Laggy

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Lagging is sometimes annoying when you are playing a game. When you are playing Minecraft using Aternos Server, you may also find that it is laggy. Is there a way that we can do to make it less laggy? If there is, what can we do?

According to Aternos Support, if you use 1.13 to 1.16, you need to know that 1.13 Minecraft has a completely new world format to enable the new water changes. But, this new world format is not optimized yet and it causes a lot of performance issues. They have increased the resources for Vanilla 1.13 and newer servers. However, there are still performance issues which cannot be solved with more resources. So, it is recommended for you to use the latest version because it has the latest optimizations and fixes.

During the game, if you want to reduce the lags, you are able to do some tricks. One of them is not to keep a lot of mobs. Mobs have a big impact on performance so that it is not recommended for you to keep a lot of mobs such as monsters or animals. You have to limit yourself to some of them. Loading chunks also has a big impact on performance. So, you have to reduce the number of chunks loaded especially if you play with some players on one server. It means that if there are a lot of players close to each other, it is better for performance than if there are a lot of players far away from each other. When you are exploring new areas, it causes large lag spikes and decreases performance massively.

Do you use plugins or mods? You can use them, but if you use too many or misused mods, they can cause server lags. So, you have to make sure to install a reasonable amount of plugins and do not create too many worlds. The features in mod such as machines or chunk loaders can cause lag as well. A lag can also be caused by a single mod which contains a bug. Or, the mod may be not really performant and causes on its own to slow down your server. The solution for it is to remove mod by mod to find out if you are affected by them.

Have you made sure that your internet connection is good? It is important for you to know that lag can happen if your internet connection is bad or temporarily overloaded. If you want to test it, you are able to try to play on other servers and check whether there are any lags or not.

Is there any other reasons for a lag in Aternos server and also the solution for it? Another possible reason for why Aternos server is lagging may be because the Aternos host machine is temporarily overloaded. However, it should be only for a few minutes and only happen rarely. If the reason why lag happens is this, you are able to fix it by waiting or completely stop and start your server.

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