How to Make Custom Fireworks in Minecraft

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To make your game more spectacular, of course you will need one or more fabulous items. One of the things that will make your game more spectacular is fireworks. As we know, fireworks are an item used for creating decorative explosions usually in the night sky, loading into crossbows as ammunition and propelling the elytra.

Of course, you may want to have fireworks that can decor your night sky. Indeed, to get beautiful fireworks, you need to craft it first. Once you crafted it, you definitely can use the fireworks to give a gorgeous color effect to the game.

As a pro Minecraft player, you may already know how to make custom fireworks. Unfortunately, if you are a newcomer to Minecraft, looking for the ways in creating the fireworks is exactly a must.

But, you do not have to go too far, because we are here to guide you in making custom fireworks as clearly as possible. So, let’s see how to create custom fireworks in Minecraft!

At least, there are two methods that you can do to make custom fireworks in Minecraft, they are:

  • Making Custom Fireworks by Crafting
  • Making Custom Fireworks with Commands

Of course, in this chance, we’ll inform you both.

Method 1 – How to Make Custom Fireworks by Crafting

If you choose this way, it means that you need to collect crafting items and recipes.

The material you’ll need:

  • Different Dyes
  • 3 Pieces of  Gunpowder
  • Firework star
  • Paper

How to make it?

  • Step 1: Crafting the Firework Star

To make a firework star, you need to combine a dye with gunpowder in your crafting grid. Generally, to craft an item in Minecraft is usually the same.

  • Step 2: Crafting the Firework Rocket

To make a firework rocket, you have to combine your firework star with1 piece of paper and 1 gunpowder in a crafting grid. In this step, you can use up to 3 separate pieces of gunpowder. Well, each additional item will shoot the firework higher into the sky.

  • Step 3: Shoot the Firework

Once you create Firework, it is time to shoot it into the sky. To do it, you just simply click on the firework item in your inventory.

Method 2 – How to Make Custom Fireworks With Commands

The second method, you definitely can make custom fireworks with command. To craft the custom fireworks with this method, at least you need to understand any item tag structure which is one of the more complex ones in the game. Indeed, Minecraft fireworks will produce many custom particle effects and unlike the particle command.

To make custom fireworks with command, you just need to customize their colors and other visual settings. Here is the list of each explosion compound which can be customized in following tags:

  • Colors: A list of every color to show in the firework.
  • FadeColors: In this case, you can make a blue and green firework which fades into yellow and green near the end of the effect.
  • Flicker: Equal to 1 if the explosion has a twinkling effect.
  • Trail: Equal to 1 if the explosion has a trailing effect.
  • Type: A byte which represents the sort of blast as you created.

For example in creating custom firework with command:

give Isometrus minecraft:fireworks 1 0







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