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Once you downloaded any mods for Minecraft, of course, the next way that you will do is to open the folder on your device. It is seemingly a simple way to do, but in fact there are some players who find it. Then, how to find the Minecraft mods folder?

Because you are at this page, you do not have to worry. We are here to inform you of the ways to open mods folders in Minecraft.. So, please keep staying on this page, Dude!

As the hottest sandbox game in the world, Minecraft is relatively easy to hack on. So, it leads many creators of the games to change the codes, that’s called mods. Generally, many Minecraft mods have no authoritative source. So, finding and choosing the Minecraft mods on trusted places is really recommended for you.

Of course, the method of the installations on each mod can vary. Some of them are also rife. But for now, most mods are compatible with MinecraftForge, a largest mod loader in Minecraft. So, a lot of Minecraft players try to choose MinecraftForge to get any mods as they want.

In this case, we also share the ways of finding mods folders that you can get from MinecraftForge.

How to Find Mods Folder in Minecraft

Of course, before you can install a Minecraft mod, the first thing that you need to do is to find the mods folder. Certainly, every platform has different steps to find the mods folder.

On Windows

If you use Windows to play Minecraft. To find the Minecraft mods folder;

  • First, you have to click Start.
  • Then, click Run.
  • After that, locate %appdata% or you can also type %appdata% into the location field of the Windows Explorer.
  • Finally, you can simply open the Minecraft mods folder.

On Mac

If you use Mac, you also can find the Minecraft mods folderby:

  • First, click on the desktop.
  • Then, you are able to press Command+Shift+G.
  • After that you need to type ~/Library and press enter.
  • Finally, you have to open ‘Application Support’ and finally find the mods folder of ‘Minecraft’.

On Linux

In a terminal window, you have to type “xdg-open ~/.minecraft”… or if you like working at the command line, “cd ~/.minecraft”.

Once you are inside the folder, you will see a folder named mods. But, if you do not see, ensure that you have installed Minecraft Forge and started Minecraft again once. Basically, that’s any ways where you will put any Minecraft mods that you want to install on your platform.

How to Install Minecraft Forge

As we have explained above, if you want to find the Minecraft mods folder, make sure that you already install Minecraft Forge first. Then, to install Minecraft Forge, you can do some ways below!

  • First, download the latest installer at
  • After that, run Minecraft Forge and install it.
  • Once you have installed it, you must run Minecraft once. Then, choose the Forge profile.
  • Then, click Play once to create the mods folder.
  • Finally, to install a Minecraft mod, you need to download it to the Minecraft mods folder.
  • Then, start Minecraft, choose Forge profile. installed mods are always active.

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