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Faction is one of the most important aspects of a factions server. Factions permit you to be able to work together with people in building, pvping and many more. In your faction, you are not permitted to hurt someone. If you want to make a faction, you have to do /f create (your faction name). It is important for you to know that you are always only permitted one faction.

You are able to invite members into your faction. If you want to invite them, you are able to do /f invite (player you want to invite). For the player that you invited to join your faction, he or she needs to do /f join (your faction name). There are different ranks in a faction. There are member, officer and leader. If you want to promote someone in your faction, you have to do /f promote (whoever you want to promote).

Here are some faction commands that you are able to use.

  • /f kick (whoever you want to kick) – you will kick the player out of your faction.
  • /f leave – you will leave a faction
  • /f sethome – you will set your faction home.
  • /f open – you will be able to open your faction for anyone to join without invitation.
  • /f who – you will be able to check your current faction’s status.
  • /f who (faction name) – you will be able to check another faction’s status.
  • /f autoclaim – it will automatically claim land from wilderness as you walk.

If you want to play Factions MineSuperior, in the Forums section of MineSuperior site, you are able to find some threads about it. One of the threads is entitled Starting Factions. On this thread, there is someone who asks about how to get into factions. Then, another player answered that you have to get spawners, raid bases and PvP in Warzones. Another player stated that you have to try to get some money by joining some bigger factions. Then, you have to learn how to cannon so you are able to raid well. You can get some decent PvP skills and grind Mcmmo to fight people who spam mcmmo.

Another player also gave his answer. According to a player named _MarinXD5, here are some steps to start Factions MineSuperior.

  • After you join, vote as fast as possible. It will get you a minor advantage and you might win a donator kit which might give you a PVP advantage, you might win some cash etc.
  •  You can try joining a bigger faction
  • If you do not get to join a bigger faction, make your own and collect as many players as you can in your faction.
  • Grind mcmmo. Mcmmo is one of the things you don’t have to pay to have. Everyone begins at level 0 and level up as you go. Here are the best mcmmo stats to go for: 1. Axes 2. Swords 3. Unarmed 4. Alchemy.
  • On MineSuperior there is something named “Space Envoy” where 50 chests spawn around the spawn for 5 minutes or if the players gather all of them. Common, Rare and Titan are 3 types of chests. Common chest will give you typical items such as obsidian, tnt, xp, ender pearls, but in small quantity; Rare chest will give you better rewards including  money, also tnt, obsidian, XP, ender pearls but it will be in a bigger quantity than Common chests and Titan chests will give you anything from money to the Champion kit (Highest donator rank).
  • You have to make afk farms because you will be able to get a huge amount of money.
  • Try to meet a powerful player (preferably a donator since he may be able to fix stuff for you and give you some cash and items you might not get from other players).

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