How to Play Valorant With a Controller

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As a Valorant player, you may wonder whether you are able to play the game with a controller. If we can do it, you surely want to know how to do it so that you are able to use the controller that you have to play this awesome game.

Riot Games developed the game first and foremost as a PC title. It means that now there is no official controller support. However, if you want to plug an Xbox One or PS4 controller into your PC to be able to play Valorant, you are able to do that without full support. It will be optimal if you play the tactical shooter by using a mouse and keyboard because if you use controller, you will not be given any kind of aim-assist. Aim-assist is when a game can help you using a controller to be able to get and stay on target when aiming and it will be harder if you do it with joystick of controllers.

However, if you really want to play Valorant game by using controller, you are able to use reWASD application. You are able to download it. If you want to watch people using this controller when they are playing Valorant, you are able to watch a video of Violent Privilege Gaming. In the video, he shows how to be able to use a controller gamepad as mouse and keyboard inputs on Valorant game.

For your information, reWASD permits you to be able to map controller to keyboard, reassign Xbox Elite paddles, adjust sticks and triggers to get the best gaming experience. This gamepad remapper is a PC app to map controller to keyboard which can enable you to reassign and adjust controls on your Xbox Elite, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The official Xbox Elite Accessories app can help set the controller. However, if you use it with reWASD, you are able to go much deeper whole mapping your controller to keyboard.

If you want to start to play the game using this app, you have to download and install reWADS first. After that, you are able to connect your Xbox Elite to PC and then launch reWASD. Now, you have to create a new profile (game or app) and then add a config to it. Now, you are able to start remapping. If you want to see completely how to play Valorant game by using controller reWASD, you are able to watch the video of Violent Privilege Gaming entitled Valorant | How to Use Controller (Tutorial) reWASD which was uploaded on April 11th, 2020. The duration of the video is 10 minutes 7 seconds and now this video has been watched more than 70k times.

Just watch the video until the end, see what kinds of settings that you have to set. And then, you are able to follow the steps to use the controller so that you are able to play Valorant with controller. So, you are able to try it now and good luck!

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