How to Rank Up in Valorant

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Riot Games has answered the requests of a lot of players with the recent addition of a competitive mode to its first person shooter of Valorant. The community now has the chance to rank up through a lot of different ranks that are currently in the game and prove their skills to the rest of the tactical shooter’s community. This page has everything that you need to know when it comes to how to rank in Valorant.

There are currently eight total ranks that players are able to achieve in the competitive mode of Valorant. Seven of them each has three different tiers that players have to rise through to reach the next level. The highest one is the only one that does not have three different tiers within it.

The progress to which players will rank up depends on a few factors. The most essential one is wins and losses, as a string of some wins in a row will be the most impactful way for the players to rank up and get through each of the rankings the fastest. Please take a note taht putting together some different losses in a row will be what hurts the ranking of a player the most.

On the other hand, the ranking system also takes into account individual performance heavily. Each player who performs very well in their wins will rank up faster than those who have sub-par and poor performances in wins. This one also goes for losses where players who play very well in a loss will not take as big of a hit as those who have sub-par and poor performances in losses. Aside from that, it will also take into account how decisively your team wins or loses. The consideration means that your team will get the reward for beating a team handily where a team will be walloped when it comes to losing rank if they are beaten handily.

Winning the most as possible and putting up great performances on the scoreboard are the perfect things you are able to do if you want to rank up higher in Valorant. Please take a note to not fret if every match is not the perfect one, as the ranking system for the game takes into account multiple things and will reward you when it should and punish your progress of your ranking when you deserve it. The most important things for players when trying to rank up as high as possible and reach the ultimate status of Valorant are the strong communication with your teammates and the fundamental play. Actually, there are some other ones. Do you want to know about the other ones? The tips and tricks to rank up in Valorant that you can try so that you can get the high rank include communicating with your teammates in Valorant, practicing your aim in Valorant, memorizing the map in Valorant, and mastering several agents in Valorant. Try them and see the result.

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